Your Matinee in Action!

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  1. I've seen all the pics fot the Matinees sitting on tables, chairs, etc... I'd love to see pics of you Matinee owners modeling so I can get a feel for the bag more. Thank you!
  2. I still haven't posted modeling pics! I'll try to take some of my Michael Jackson/Billy Jean Matinee.
  3. Please! I'm so on the verge of getting one and I really want to see pics of you gals with your Matinees!!
  4. Alright, I have no shame, so....

  5. mockinglee! this bag looks SO HOT on you! i love it!

    I want to do the experiment with the tassels that Koobalover did!
  6. Ahh the grey matinee is gorg on you I had better get one! haha
  7. looks fabulous, mockinglee!
  8. mockinglee, you look fab with your Matinee. :tup:
  9. i think i have those paige denims but it is a more lighter/stonewashed black. lol.
  10. Thanks Mockinglee... I love your bag! Anyone else?
  11. Thanks everyone! C'mon, no one else? I need company in here!
  12. wow mockinglee! you look fab with your matinee!
  13. Mockinglee! you are the SHIZZ with that Matinee! LOVE IT!
  14. :tumbleweed:
  15. mockinglee, that matinee looks bomb on you!!! I'm so glad you posted because I've done several searches and can't seem to find any good modeling shots of the matinee. After seeing your pics, I'm thinking this is gonna be my next RM, just not sure of the color yet. Maybe that new hazelnut, hmm...