Your LV bags - retail or Ebay??

  1. I was just looking at my LV bags and I figured out about half of them were bought retail and the other half resale from Ebay or through purse boards. It is often inevitable NOT to buy from Ebay or boards because items are discontinued, or limited.

    How about you?? Retail or Ebay? Which is more?:flowers:
  2. I've purchased about 5 items retail, the rest, E-Bay from mypoupette resellers - about 7 or 8 items, OH and one from a PF member!
  3. all retail.......i have my eye on ebay but its too iffy and nerve racking...
  4. I'm A skeeeeerd of ebay, but there are some CB's calling my name..
    My bags so far have all come from the LV store.
  5. I've owned 3 LVs from the boutique (damier papillon, speedy 25, epi speedy), and 3 from eBay or PFers (cabas piano, vintage speedy 25, vernis reade) :smile: I've sold two of them - damier papillon and the vintage speedy.
  6. Some were gifts and I purchased 2 at LV and I've been looking at some things on eBay but I am so afraid of eBay...
  7. All mine are retail. Not that "all" is equal to "lots," lol. Some were purchased by my boyfriend, though.
  8. 1 retail, 1 Ebay and 1 PF member!!
    If I want more bags I will have to do the Ebay route.. more value for the money. Good thing I have all you ladies to help me make that decision abt Ebay bags!! :flowers:
  9. The only thing that is bad about buying retail is if you are fickle and want to resell, you have to take a big loss on the bag. Even if its like new.
  10. ^hopefully you are fickle within that 14 days grace period! then u can just return and pick another bag! :rolleyes:
  11. Hi, I bought all my LV's retail. I have been tempted many times on ebay but since I had 1 bad experience :rant: on an expensive chanel bag, I have been scared:shocked: .
  12. Currently they are all retail, but I have purchased 2 vintage pieces from ebay, both have been resold.
  13. I bought my first LV on ebay but I ended up selling it -- it was 10 years old and arrived with a strong smoky smell. I eliminated most of the odor but I realized that I would rather have a different bag, and a new one.

    So my Koala was purchased brand new, and today I bought my first brand new LV bag -- a Saleya PM.
  14. Some gifts, mostly retail and currently, increasingly from eBay.
  15. I Have No LV From eBay....I Do Have A Couple Of Other Designer Pieces From eBay. There Are Only A Couple Sellers I Would Truly Want To Buy From (& I Am Not Counting The Great Girls On Here ~ Who Sell On eBay....They Are A-OK!).