Your Little Black Dress

  1. Which do you get the most use out of?

    Mine: a very simple black t-shirt dress from YaYa Love. Short sleeves, knee-length. I paid $150 and wear it endlessly, everywhere! My best purchase ever. I love that it's so casual -- I get much more use out of it that way!
  2. i've bought a couple of black jersey dresses for spring / summer this year and i find myself living in them. bought an ella moss, a james perse and a yfb. they look great dressed up or down with a t or tank underneath & flats or flip flops. i also bought a bubble dress by imperial, still jersey, but dressier than the others and i've been wearing it out quite a bit at night. nothing beats a LBD!
  3. Mine was $10 on the clearance rack from Urban Outfitters. It is covered in tulle and looks sorta like I stole it from Bjork. But, I love it! It is comfortable and incredibly distinctive and very me.
  4. LOL So cute... "looks sorta like I stoke it from Bjork."

    I saw some great t-shirt dresses at Urban Outfitters this weekend. I'm waiting for them to go on sale, though. :ninja:
  5. Mine is a jersey wrap dress from Ann Taylor Loft. It's not a dress I feel comfortable in for work and it's too formal for my day to day life so I don't get much use out of it. I tend to get more use out of seperate tops and bottoms.
  6. Hard to believe, but I actually don't have one. Though I am eyeing one by Graham and Spencer!!
  7. I have a few, but the first to come to mind is a Shelli Segal dress that I bought probably 10 years is perfect...and is always the right thing to wear when I can't figure out what else to wear!!!
  8. my black laundry halter ruched dress. i've had it for ages, and it always works, no matter how tan i am or how much i ate.
  9. Mine was a black Polo zipper hoodie priced at $268, which I got on a sale rack at Macy's for $28! It lasted forever but I had to recently give her up...too many holes. lol
  10. mmm mine is a theory tube dress knee length. A size too small but i was in denial and bought it anyway. Cant really eat a big meal in it but makes me look 5 lbs thinner :p
  11. My LBD is actually a little GREY dress :p (sorry for the poor quality cellphone picture... a real camera is not available at the moment)

  12. A sleeveless Balenciaga minidress with a flounce skirt, I think from fall 2002.
  13. This type of dress isn't usually my "style" but I fell in love with it when I first saw it, didn't buy it, regretted it, then saw it on sale for $30 at Loehmanns. It's by french connection. I only wore it this one time last year in LA. Too much attention! I still love it though.[​IMG]
  14. OMG, little panda, where is that gorgeous dress from?! ps you are in taiwan? I'm here right now!!! which part are you at?
  15. Hi, I am in Taipei. :tup:

    I bought the dress from a clothing shop called Jojoba in 家樂福 (the 淡水 location--which is walking distance from 竹圍 MRT station).

    The shop clerk told me that the brand is from Hong Kong. The clothes are all very cute, and decent quality for a cheap price. The dress I posted cost NT790. All of the dresses there are "free size," which is actually probably an XS or S depending on the dress. I like it though, since I always have to get my dresses altered and this time I didn't :wlae:

    I think that they also sell this brand in 新光三月 and SOGO. Hope this information helps you :okay: