Your kids in costumes vs. Halloween 2006

  1. Let's see your kids costumes for this year! Scary or cute, we'll love them all! :yes:

    Our neighborhood always has a huge Halloween trick or treat festival the Saturday before Halloween. So my son Mark got to wear his dinosaur costume today to do some early trick-or-treating. Here are a few pictures:

  2. Aww so cute :heart: his costume is adorable :yes:
    I want to just go up to him and give him a bug hug hehe
  3. My daughter is going to be Cleopatra, her costume is gorgeous, don't have any pics though, maybe after Halloween. Your sons costume is so cute and cuddly.
  4. That's an adorable lil dinosaur! My son had a cuddly dinosaur costume last year. This year- he is planning to be a Navy Seals diver- argh! My cuddly little guy is growing up too fast! lol
  5. Thanks guys. He's funny in his costume. He puts his hands up and yells "RAWR!!!!" an everyone. LOl at Navy Seals Diver. They grow up way to fast. I remember when my nephew was a Carebear for halloween one year and the next year he had to be Spiderman.
  6. Your son's costume is soooo cool!!
  7. Awww...he is adorable! Cute
  8. such a cute thread, his costume is adorable! ;)

    Here are my two daughters, these were taken just before a Halloween Party we attended on Frightnight (fri 13th) :biggrin:

  9. Awwww adorable pics!! :biggrin:
  10. Such Beautiful Pictures ~ Thank You For Sharing!!!
  11. Aww both sets of kids are adorable!

    I'll put some pictures up after Halloween!
  12. cuute kids ..
  13. chloe! Your daughter has such beautiful hair! I wish I could have been a natural red-head. My younger sister is.
  14. Cuute!!!
  15. Omg soooo cute!!!!! I'd love to see more pics... unfor I don't have a baby to show you all pics of :shrugs: But when I do, you know you will see ALL the pics!!!!