Your kids and your Tano bags (pics)

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  1. I thought it would be fun to see the kids, both furry and non-furry, of my fellow Tano lovers. Here is Princess Piper with my Holly Would. She likes Tano bags too.

  2. I love your kitty. If I had my newfoundland Max lay on my bag you wouldn't see the bag. I also have three human children who could model if I were with the times and had a digital camera.
  3. You could post your kids, your Newfie and your bag. It would be like a Where's Waldo picture.
  4. As I don't have my first Tano bag as of yet I'll have to wait and add to this thread when it comes. :smile:

    Love your picci!

  5. I am wild about Piper!!!

    I'll have my kids pose with my Tanos and post pics, too!
  6. Piper loves TPF. She is always on my lap when I'm here visitng. I can't wait to see everyone else's kids.
  7. precious cat, great pic, LOVELY bag!
  8. I think Duke was rather embarrassed about modeling a handbag! :lol: Here's my baby boxer boy and my Miss Print



  9. Hahahahaha, that's too cute! Duke looks like a sweetie! :yes:

  10. Ha! I love your dog. My Max would eat my bag if I got it close to him along with stuffed toys, shoes, and my kids shirts and our dinner if we don't watch it on the counter.
  11. Voodoo -- Duke is looking fierce! I think he needs to work on smiling with his eyes a little more. I think he should be the model for all of Tano's spring bags.
    He is such a cutie. I adore those wiggly butt Boxers.
  12. Here are my kids that are still at home. There are 6 more human type out there somewhere. I don't dare put the dogs near my purses. The Brittany would think I had served a gourmet meal!
    Kona 001.jpg IMG_0037.JPG
  13. Thanks for all your kind words, guys! :flowers:

    Alyssa .... I'll pass on the advice to Duke! :upsidedown: Tomorrow I'm going to have him model my Boogie Bucket near the rose bush.
  14. Jane, your doggies are so cute. Is that a red golden retriever?
  15. Alyssa, yes, that is our golden named Aspen. She is very reddish, but in this picture, taken last year, she has her summer haircut. She is 14 years old and still going strong.
    She is such a sweetie, pure golden.:heart: