Your Invited To Lindsay Lohan's Beach Party

  1. Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has marked her 21st birthday with a low key beach party in Malibu during a break from rehab.

    The bikini clad Mean Girls star celebrated the occasion with friends, family and sometime squeeze Calum Best.

    Lohan, who kept in casual in a tiny nautical themed ensemble complete with towering wedges, tried her hand at life on the other side of the lense, snapping photographs of her day.
    Best, who was caught up in a high profile, pre-rehab romance with Lohan earlier this year, mingled with her pals and smoked cigarettes at the alcohol free bash.

    Birthday girl: a sober Lindsay Lohan celebrates her 21st birthday
  2. [​IMG]
    Smile! The actress takes happy snaps of the occasion
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    Lohan's sometime beau Calum Best mingled with her pals at the party
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    The low key party was held at a beach front house in Malibu
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    The actress' mother Dina Lohan made a colourful appearance at the party
  7. she looks great...ugh she needs to ditch Callum he's bad news.
  8. She's looking much better these days!! I'm really impressed that she was able to celebrate her 21st with no alcohol!!
  9. hopefully she takes this seriously.
  10. She looks great! Huge improvement. I hope she keeps moving forward with rehab. It's doing her really good right now.
  11. :tup: Good for her!!
  12. She looks good, like Dinas dress. She def needs to ditch Callum!
  13. She looks awesome! :tup: I'm glad she ditched the too-skinny trend! She looks so much better and so much healthier with a little meat on her!
  14. Paris in jail, Blohan in rehab...those were such good times why did they pass so quickly!?:nuts::sweatdrop:
  15. she looks better:tup:

    i have dina's dress! its trina turk