Your greatest hair mishap

  1. Ever have a hair 'accident' that was awful at the time, but funny in retrospect? I have had several (unfortunately).

    When I was in college, there was this ad for perms and the girl was so cute with "boop-si-boop" curls. I went in for boop-si-boop curls and came out with scorched frizz. I had to cut my hair really short and it took forever to recover.

    Also, I let my hair go natural (dark blond) when I was pregnant. After my daughter was born, I went to one of the top salons in town to go blond-blond again. I told the stylist that I needed two-process blonding because my hair has red undertones. She pooh-poohed me and a little while later I was looking at some seriously brassy locks. So she stripped the color and put in color. It looked OK, but it felt like doll's hair. Totally ruined. Another short cut for me.

    Also, junior year, my roommate, who had naturally chestnut hair, went crazy with Sun In. Remember that stuff? Anyway, her top hair was really blond, but the underlayers were dark. I opened my big mouth and suggested that she go all-over blond. We were poor college students, so she used Nice 'n' Easy. Anyway, the combo of Sun In and Nice 'n' Easy turned a big section of her hair gray. No joke. About a four-inch section. She dyed it black. Funny thing is, the black looked fantastic on her because she had blue eyes -- sort of like Connie Selleca. Remember her? I thought she was gorgeous.
  2. ^ OMG Sun-In looked so bad on me! It turned my hair soooo orange, but somehow in my 13 year old mind I didn't see that as a bad thing :lol:

    I've had so many mishaps! I had one time I dyed my hair "medium chestnut brown" and it turned crispy and jet black. Another time I tried a home highlighting kit and unbeknown to me the timer had broken. I finally just rinsed it out and I had big thick WHITE streaks all over the top of my head. This was waaaay before two-toned hair was cool, so I looked and felt pretty silly. There's more, but these were probably the worst :amuse:
  3. God, I had one huge hair mishap about a year ago...

    My natural hair is dark blonde/light brown, and I wanted it blonde! So I went to a salon and picked out a nice honey blonde color. My hair turned out ORANGE. Completely orange. Like a carrot. I was completely in shock, and the hairdresser said: 'Well. Uh. Turned out a bit different didn't it? Well, I think this suits your complexion waaaay better!'
    Na-aah! I looked pale as hell! Shocked as I was, I paid and got the hell out of there. The same day my mother threw a pack of L'oréal Dark Brown in my hair. I never went back to that salon...
  4. Last year, I tried out highlights in my dark (almost black) hair. It looked like I had streaks of gray/green hair all over. I got it colored back to my natural color. So I've decided to stick to the color nature gave me!
  5. ive had too many....but i think the worst was when i was in cosmetology school and i worked at a salon and no one could touch up my roots ( i was a highlited blonde that took like almost a year to get it where i wanted it to be) work was super busy and we didnt have time at at the end of school one day i took bleach and decided to comb it onto my roots (lord knows why i did this haha) and WOW it was horrible!!!! my roots were like clear i sware, they were beyond white! it was soooooo bad, i definatly learned my lesson!!!!
  6. I cut my own bangs at 2 AM. 'Nuff said!
  7. Well I used sun in and I have dark brown hair , not a good combo at all
  8. I had a cousin by marriage and her mom who owned their own salon color my hair one time. I have warm blond hair naturally and wanted some lighter highlights. I don't think they really ever liked me much and to this day I think they may have done this on purpose but they turned my hair a bright goldy yellow!:wtf: I looked like a lemon drop! Even my dad who does not notice things like that, (I could come home with green hair and he wouldn't notice) said what the heck happend to your hair! Needless to say I had to go to an upscale salon to have it fixed, they actually had to put color back into my hair. It ended up being ok, but the whole reason for getting my hair done was I was the maid of honor for my best friends wedding the following weekend!
  9. I cheated on my stylist (who knows my difficult hair very well) and went fr a 'trim' at some new place. A trim turmed out to be a short bob... but when you have very VERY thick curly coarse hair that was a HUGE problem! My hair was massive when she finished blowdrying it, i had to beg her to flar iron it smooth. It took about 6 months to grow out.

    Another time I wanted my medium blonde hair back to blonde blonde. She did some highlights but it was still too dark overall to get the look i wanted. My styist was busy so another girl bleached it... my poor hair was this horrid white on top and orange-y underneath. It was horrible with my extremely pale skin. I went to another salon the next day and had it dyed dark blonde. Not as horrible as some of yours but devastating to me at the time!!
  10. When I was in high school, I was going through my punk/goth phase. One day, I thought it would be so kickass if I could color my hair purple. My hair is naturally black so I had to bleach my hair first. My friend helped me but we had no experience whatsoever. So we put in the bleach all over my head. When I washed it off, it was uneven! I looked so stupid. My mom had to take me to a salon to have them fix it. My hair turned out fine in the end but it looked so skunky before I got it fixed. There's a photo below. The color faded unevenly but it kind of looked cool to have so many colors in my hair. Strangers used to come up to me all the time to tell me they loved my hair color. I think what they really meant was, " look special."

  11. ^ I actually think that looks REALLY cool! :shame:

  12. LOL! Not so much, eh? (I've done the same).

    Another hair disaster was when I put in a burgundy *tint* - was supposed to be subtle.. it turned my hair purple!! Ahhhhh!
  13. Yeah, I think so too.
  14. Thanks. It was completely unintentional though. LOL. :p
  15. I permed my hair.

    That was a bad idea because:

    1) There's a REASON God gave me straight hair. The perm looked hideous on me.
    2) I didn't know how to take care of it properly and my hair was full of knots.