your first time...??

  1. Hahahahahahaha no im not talking about that! :lol:

    Do you remember the first time you saw a Louis Vuitton,or at least your earliest memory or the brand.

    Mine was from the movie Richie Rich with Macaulay Culkin,when his mother opened her Louis chest on that boat hahaha.....She was talking about Louis,i was around 6 or something,and i was " Who is Louis? "

    Never would i thought it would be my obssesion later on in life.

  2. I don't remember the first time I saw one...but I do remember that I had never even HEARD of Louis Vuitton until I was about 17...weird!
  3. My ex-bf asked me before if I wanted a Louis Vuitton when he gets home from USA.. I said "whatever" so he decided not to buy one for me. I was in college back then... Returning to that memory... How I wish I said yes at that time!
  4. LV = Rich and Famous.. Hhaa...
  5. My first memory of a LV sighting is from many years ago (at least 25!).
    My aunt had a speedy that she always carried around. She just had the vachetta replaced last year and it looks great! That testament to LV's durability is one of the reasons I love it so!
  6. My best friends mom had a speedy when we were about 15. I remember thinking to myself..when I get a job I'm going to get myself that exact bag. Sure enough, my first job out of high school I got the mono 25. 25 years later I still love LV.
  7. I remember when I bought my first Coach bag and almost DIED when I spent $175 on a bag! I passed right my the LV store and didn't even notice it! It didn't take long from there, and now, OMG I wish I had an accessory that only cost $175!
  8. Never really thought of it . . . I guess since my mom always had luxury bags that I never gave it much thought. I think it was more her jewelry that I paid attention to (i.e,. her chain link Chanel belts, her pearl Chanel earrings, etc.) Yep, it was all because of that movie "Chanel Soletaire" that I started paying attention to Chanel. But, back to LV . . .

    What I do remember, was I always wondered why would my mom use these hard to carry Louis Vuitton bags (the keepalls), when she could easily use the regular Samonites for luggage. I mean, these LV Keepalls had to be carried, when the Samsonites could be wheeled . . . Now, I know better!
  9. :d Mine Was In Richie Rich Too!
  10. mine was in the movie witches they had cabin trunks full of money:drool:...
  11. i was at Neiman Marcus with my mom and we saw a very stylish japanese woman carrying a cb pochette. my mom had the guts to tell her it was a cute bag and ask where she got it from. after we found out that my mom's cousin's wife was a was ALL over from there lol.

  12. Yeah, I remember that part also. Their plane went down so they were lost at sea on a yellow raft boat and she saw her Louis Vuitton suitcase floating in the water and literally screams "LOOK! MY LOUIE! WE'RE SAVED!" *HaHa* :lol:

    That was probably the first time I saw a Louis Vuitton too BUT I had no clue what-so-ever that "Louie" was short for Louis Vuitton and even if somebody told me I would of still been like "Whos that?" :rolleyes:
  13. I don't remember the first time I saw a LV bAg, but the first LV that made a huge impression on me was a white MC bag my sis bought the Summer of 2004 ( I could be wrong on the year..). I had never seen a more beautiful bag, it became my dream bag, sadly my sis. ended up returning that bag due to some of the print rubbing off.. but I was hooked and hopelessly in love with the brand. :girlsigh:
  14. My first logo i was able to recognize and remember is..MC DONALDS!!! the big M...from...7 years old!:heart:

    THEN!!! the next logo I REMEMBERED was the louis vuitton logo!!!

    Every sunday...I went to church...and i remember when i was 7...
    EVERY WOMEN HAD THIS BAG!!! i hated it was a dark brown bag!!! with light brown 'shapes' and the letters LV...and i thought to my self
    "what is with women and THE BROWN BAG its ugly!!!"
    That was when i was

    Then...when i was 14...i saw them again...and i was like..."ohhh those bags are called 'louis vuitton bags' " and didn't care much...

    NOW 18, i'm like...LOUIS VUITTON!!! :heart::heart::heart::love: LOL can't believe it...

    don't know if i should get the SPEEDY 40 or the POCHETTE GANGE before i leave australia for my holiday...its killing me!!! A male and a speedy 40? i saw it and it was SMALL...i would like a...speedy...60? omg going off
  15. i'm originally from south korea... everytime i go there....... LVs EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

    japanese and korean women (and men) seem to be addicted to LV, it's something genetic (like the lactose intolerance)... :lol:

    i always knew LVs are worth a bunch of money and i quite liked them..
    but i never paid that much attention to it... til my mom's best friend came to visit.
    she had it all going... LV bag, luggage, wallet...
    so my mom started... and so i started...