Your first LV bag

  1. ..What did you buy? I'm curious.. :P
  2. i getting mine in july ita a............ brand spanking new baby .............. carryall yay!!!
  3. A white multi colour Alma - love it:biggrin:
  4. I got my first LV bag yesterday-A gorgeous mono canvas speedy 30. It is love! xx
  5. mono keepall and green perf. speedy 30. I also got some kind of perf. wallet and some scarves. I love shopping:smile:
  6. papillon 26
  7. Batignolles Horizontal.
  8. beige vernis reade tote
  9. Monogram Alma
  10. Popincourt Haut :amuse:
  11. Monogram Speedy 25
  12. Epi Speedy 25 in Black!!!!!! LOVE it!!!!!
  13. white multi speedy 30
  14. that's really nice ! enjoy ! :heart:
  15. First was a Trocadero 27 from ebay. Beautiful gently used bag! I resold it and made over $200.

    First NEW LV is my Popincourt Haut!