Your Ferragamo in Action!

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  1. IMG_1518441196.779637.jpg
    Black aztrakan fur Sofia in a snowstorm
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  3. Thank you

    and thank you for all the likes
  4. OMG .... I love this fur type I am after a jacket in it. Love your pic.
  5. Thank you your jacket must be lovely, such a sporty fur!
  6. My black patent Ferragamo pumps and black leather Ferragamo bracelet with Vara bow :girlsigh:

  7. Loved the vice tote so much that I bought a small version of it as well. Gavina Small.
  8. Carrying my Bonbon pink Ferragamo bag to a private concert :amuse:

    IMG_5269a.jpg IMG_5265a.jpg IMG_5243a.jpg IMG_5263a.jpg
  9. I took my pink Ferragamo bag for some shopping :biggrin: (paired with pink Michael Kors sneakers and Laduree shopper)
    IMG_6206a.jpg IMG_6210a1.jpg IMG_6231a.jpg
  10. Ferragamo vara tote. Lovely champagne gold. Ioved this bag so much that I bought two of the same bag.
    IMG_9429.jpg IMG_9435.jpg
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  11. I took my pink Ferragamo shopping again :biggrin: (those Valentino sneakers would be a nice match, don't you think :P)
  12. Ok not really a action shot but I just got my first pair of ferragamo shoes today! I got them for my Vegas trip around the holidays and they are perfection! I don't think that the pictures show how sparkly they look IRL. View attachment 4209297 20181001_112933.jpg
  13. Wore my shoes for the first time to christina Aguilera concert IMG_20181017_004911.jpg
  14. Wearing Varina stitch flats with pleated calf-length skirt:
  15. Marie sandals in Black patent

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