Your Favorite "Newer" Marc Jacobs bags

  1. ***^^^eeeck I meant Kooba (sorry).....

    Mine would be the Linda (b/c it's smaller than the Dylan and I like the ruching actually),
    the Katy, Natasha and actually I think that's it everything else is not appealing :yucky:.
    What are your faves?
  2. Katy and Devin. I'm not sure if Devin is considered "newer" or not.
  3. I know most people don`t like the Jennifer, but I really love it.

    It holds a lot adn the letter is so smooth. I love it.
  4. I love the Devin, have two of them. My all time favorites are the Sienna, Marcelle and Lucy.
  5. LKB those are the exact bags I was thinking too!! In addition, lets not forget Elsiha! I love my red one