Your favorite Ebay LV resellers ?

  1. Which are your favorite Ebay LV sellers ? For my part, I've already bought LV bags from :

    - authenthic_lvlady
    - kaorich3353
    - let-trade
    - lvlady99
    - timeless_lv
    - rebeccalou28
    - happyshop66

    In France, LV bags are cheaper than everywhere else in the world, so when I buy used ones I have to pay attention to do a good deal. US LV resellers are rather expensive so I prefer to order to Hong Kong and GB.
  2. fashionphile
  3. I had my best experiences with "thatsopretty" and "b744wify". The customer service is exceptional and it is something I strive for as an Ebay seller.
  4. I've never actually bought from the same LV reseller twice, or from any MPRS sellers. I think the seller that I've heard the most good about has to be let-trade though !
  5. I am usually terrified of Ebay sellers when it comes to LV. However, I had no choice in order to get a Cerises item, and I just had the most wonderful experience with Ebayer "bellatreasuresfromme2you". The item was brand new, exactly as she has described, and even the LV SA was shocked.
  6. Great thread! Thank you for sharing!
    I bought a Speedy 25 from ukdesigneritems last week. (She is an MPRS). It probably will not get here for a few more weeks but I will let you know. . . .
    The price of the bag seemed fair for the age and condition, but by the time I paid for the overseas shipping and purchased an International Money Order, it cost more than I think I would pay to get one of commensurate quality in the US. Oh well. . . .
  7. me either...i thought i was the only one!!

    i like let-trade a lot. i also bought from bruceks a couple times as well.
  8. I know Fashionphile personally, so I buy through her her unless she doesn't have what I want.
  9. I only buy from ebay once, and let-trade is a very good seller. They teach me how to identify a real LV. Also have "after sell" service. And if you see a item in other auction, you can send them pix, they will help you to identify it.
  10. let-trade all the way. anne-bag is great and starts her price low and shows great pics of her bags, I haven't bought anything from anne-bag yet, though.
  11. I have only bought from Let-Trade. Granted I have only bough one bag, I still love Let-Trade.
  12. I Have Also Only Bought 1 From Let-Trade....VERY Happy!!!
  13. Has anyone bought from rebeccalou28 before? I am considering getting a ribera mm from her.
  14. Bonsoir, I've already bought from Rebeccalou28, no problem at all.
  15. i have these guys on my favorites list.. i've only bought from one or two, but i keep the rest on the list just as a reference cuz i know they're all authentic. :smile:

    karenkooper <~ i LOVE buying stuff from her.. she always gives extras.