YOUR Falling in love story !

  1. i just saw the thread when Megs tells her and Vlad story... i love love stories too ! so come on gals share how you fell in love with your SO or DH or even PHH ! ;) if there was a thread before about it , sorry mods never came across it... i will share my story bit later as my darling SO is threatening to pull out the cable out of the computer , as we are supposed to go for a nice dinner and cinema and spend the weekend together instead of me posting on the forum :crybaby: ... will be back asap ! :graucho:
  2. oohhh i was thinking of starting one after reading Vlad and Megs

    Well here's how I met my boyfriend :love: ....

    I use to work in another department of my company. My boyfriend's company was one of their clients. So he would call up or email us for information we provided. So I use to deal with him a couple of times and just thought he sounded so damn hot on the phone lol. So while we'd be on the phone there would be that little laugh here and there. So one time while dealing with him all day I got up the nerve to email him and just start up a conversation. He's Portuguese but I thought he was Latino because of his name. So I just asked him where he was from thinking he was latino and he came back with a sarcastic joking reply. So from there on we would email each other back and forth just joking around and talking about everything from our day, past relationships, etc. And this went on for months like 4 to 5.

    So one time I told him to send me a pic and i would send him one of me. I was so nervous because I really liked him but i had no idea what to expect looks wise. So I sent him a pic and then he sent me one. I thought he was ok looking lol. he's extremely sure of himself but to me I didn't see what the big deal was. anyway we always just kept sending each other pics. then his department moved to downtown NYC a block from mine and I got really nervous because I knew eventually he'd wanna meet up. And after months of us emailing, pics, and an occasional call here and there I just didn't think anything was gonna happen so I met someone else. When he asked me if I was interested in him I told him no because I was seeing someone and didn't wanna deal with 2 guys at the same BS I was just scared lol.

    So he got kinda upset. I told him lets be friends and he said no he didn't want me as a friend and i didn't speak to him for like a month or two. So one day in november i emailed him out of the blue and didn't get a response so I got the hint and realized he was never going to speak with me. Then two days before thanksgiving he replies back...he was in Portugal. And we just emailed back and forth that night. And he asked me again if I was interested and I said "alright i guess" lmao. So when he came back we spoke on the phone for two weeks and our first date was December 3, 2005. we just hit it off and he really is hot...the pics didn't do him justice lmao.

    And thats how we hooked up. we know it is so meant to be esp because of the way we met. :love: Lol we jokingly arguing because he says I led him on which I did because he was too sure of himself and i wasn't going to make it easy like all his other past girls did. He would tell me to call him and i would say yeah i'm gonna call and i never would lol. He said he would get so pissed :angel: he he

    Sorry if it was too long.

    Can't wait to read everyones love story!
  3. I have a sort of cute story to share, sorry it's so long.

    Okay, my boyfriend and I actually went to the same high school (and our lockers were even in the same row), but we NEVER talked or met each other, or even had a class together. Weird. Anyway, my senior year I started hanging out with some similar friends, and then at a party for the end of the year (just before graduation) we were formally introduced. Alas, it was not love at first sight. However, we did see each other a few times that summer, and I heard he had a crush on me. I, however, was totally hung up on one of his friends!

    So then we started college and him and I spent that Fall developing a good friendship. I still didn't view him as more than a friend, though, and sometimes it was hard because I knew he had strong feelings for me.

    After awhile, I realized he was different than the other guys I had always liked (i.e., selfish jerks, at least many of them). He was so kind and treated me so well, and I started wanting to spend more and more time with him. We would go to the library together (lol, how romantic) but then we would pick up hot chocolate and go for drives. Once he even sat down and told me how much he liked me, and how difficult it was for him to just be my friend.

    Then one day we were at the library, and I was talking to one of my friends on AIM and I was like, "wow, I want to kiss him!" I was supposed to get together with that friend and another friend in a little while (we were going to have a "sleepover"), but she was like "no, you have to kiss him! just come over later."

    I knew that if anything was going to happen between the two of us, it would have to be me that made the move (since he had already made it clear that he liked me). So we went for another drive, and finally he pulled into this vacant parking lot in the middle of nowhere. He started talking again about how much he cared about me, yadda yadda yadda, then I leaned over and kissed him (a good one, too!). He goes, “What was that for?” and I said, “I don’t know,” and then he said, “Well I don’t care!” haha. We’ve been together ever since (4.5 years now).

    Here’s the funny part of the story. My two best friend that I mentioned? They decided to be real sneaky and try to spy on us. They thought I was going to kiss him in the library parking lot for some reason, so they were hiding out in these trees looking for his car! Then a public safety police officer caught them! So they just said, “Don’t worry about it, we’re just spying on our best friend, we think she’s kissing some guy.” :lol:

    Then when I finally got to the one girl’s house, I walked in and they threw balloons at me. Then they said that I better have kissed him, because they just spent an hour blowing up all the balloons and it better not have been for nothing! It was priceless. I’ll always remember that night. :love:
  4. awww cute story wordbox!
  5. hah my story is going to have a beginning like Wordbox's! :biggrin:

    A couple weeks after I graduated High School, I began dating a guy in my group of friends. I was a huuuuge computer nerd, so all my friends were male. Everyone found the guy I was dating to be a bit on the annoying side (and very wrong for me: I'm atheist, he a very faithful christian), but I was just springing back from a 2 year relationship with a really great guy, so I rebounding, unfortunately.

    Anyhoo, I had been dating him for about 4 weeks, when I decided to host a LANparty. Okay this is essentially a big nerd party, where you network all of your pcs together and spend all night playing video games...yes I know, I was a sad HS student, hah! I had invited a ton of people, too many people actually, because we didn't have room left for some of the computers. My sister had been talking online with a guy for a couple days now, some random guy that had graduated from my high school the year before. He was friends with one of my best guy friends (we'll call that friend L), so he'd passed my sis the mystery guy's AIM screen name. My sister didn't go to the same HS as I did, she went to a special arts school for dance; she was home for summer and bored, and she wanted to meet some new people. So I told her she could invite mystery boy to the party.

    The day of the party, a lot of people showed up that I didn't even know, so I wasn't sure which one was my sister's mystery internet guy. I was trying to set stuff up, so things were a little crazy. Towards the end of the party, I saw some guy with big blonde hair and a huge head, tall and very skinny, and had no clue who he was. I asked L who he was, and he said that was the guy he'd introduced my sister to...only he really didn't like my sister and my sister immediately hated him. She liked him at first; she said he was charming and sweet. But then she saw him playing video games, and that's all it takes for my sister to dislike a guy (she hates techie guys). He didn't like my sister as soon as he met her; she's very outspoken and can be pretty mean, which he didn't like at all.

    Somehow, towards the end of the party, mystery boy had ended up sitting next to me on my living room sofa, and he started up a conversation with me. Eventually everyone left, and only two people remained: mystery boy and I. We talked until 6am. He was charming and interesting, and kinda drew me in. He was hilarious and made me laugh! I told him how I wanted to split with my current bf because he was getting as annoying to me as he had been to everyone else.

    For the next week, he came over every night and we just talked. At the end of the week, I called things off with the other guy, and mystery guy came over for a while. We ended up kissing at the end of the night, and all I remember is thinking how big his head looked (SO has crazy hair that gets really long/puffy when he doesn't get it cut, lol).

    Turns out, mystery guy (hence forth called SO) had actually been in two classes with me in HS and I had never realizeed! In one class, there was this one quiet guy that sat in the back reading, and all the girls would sit around him, flirting. I didn't pay much attention, though I remember speaking to him once. In the second class, he sat at the front and disappeared from the class halfway through the semester. A huge rumor circled the school that the guy had been arrested for a serious hacking charge :rolleyes: SO, come to find out, had actually been really sick for a while.

    From then on, we started dating. He was hands down the most generous, loyal, sweet, charming, funny and gentlemanly guy I'd ever dated. My sister laughs about it and gives him credit for being a nice guy, though SO still thinks my sister is still a b***h (and I love her, lol, but she is one, and prides herself!)

    We've been together close to 6 years now, and have every intention of marrying once we're both out of college and in good jobs :smile:
  6. AW that's really cute!

    Long story short. My boyfriend and I met through our music. I had a few solo projects out and was looking to form a band. A producer introduced him to me and we hit it off right away. At the time I met him I was still hung up over my ex bf (he had cheated on me and was dating the girl he cheated on me with) and he was still with his girlfriend (of 5 years!!). We started spending a lot of time with eachother because of our music project and eventually told him about my ex. I always viewed our relationship as if I was 'one of the guys' because everyone in the studio were dudes. After a few weeks of really getting to know him (as friends) he started telling me his problems with his girlfriend. I know now that that was very unlike him because he doesn't usually talk about his 'feelings' like that, but felt that with me it was okay to. He told me how he felt as though he owed it to her to stay with her because of all the time she's put into him. I said one thing that I guess (to think of it now) changed everything. I told him if he loves someone, he'll feel it. It's not love if you're just with them because you've put in so much time. Just because you've been with someone for so many years doesn't mean that it was meant to be. And if you love someone but you're too afraid to commit to them, then you don't deserve to love them. And I guess he realized that he didn't love her anymore and after 5 years, broke up with her.

    A few weeks went on and we were in and out of the studio and working on tracks (and I was still hung up over my ex at that time) and out of no where we just clicked...

    So it's been 2 years now and we've been in the same band for about a year and a bit, i've left that project a few months ago to begin something else, and he's in studio and on tour with his own project and we're still together.

    It's actually not really that cute..... haha.
  7. Well, my story starts out like wordbox's also....we went to the same highschool, but I'd never met him, and his brother was even in the same grade as I was. Then, I started working at a little crappy grocery store, and he worked there as well, (as we were both in college by this point).

    Anyway, I started out having a crush on someone else that worked there, but he really liked me and tried for 6 months(!) to get me to go out with him...I told him no because I liked someone else (but really I was over the other guy, I just was sort of intimidated by him because he was so hot) and that made him mad, but a few days later, I went over to him, apologized for being a jerk, gave him my #, and told him he'd better call me. He did the next day, (didn't even wait the usual 3 days) and the rest is history. We've been together for 4 1/2 hrs, and counting because WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I posted this in a similar thread, but I will post it again here:

    I was introduced to Bart at my cousin's birthday party. We didn't speak much, only exchanged quick hellos with eachother since we didn't know eachother and we didn't have anything to talk about. I stood with some friends, and I kept looking at him, but when he noticed I was looking at him, he would look away. This made me think that he was a self absorbed, jerk! :p

    A few weeks later, my cousin (the same one) invited me to go on a double / blind date. She was going to dinner with her boyfriend and she was bringing someone along for me. Well, the friend that she brought along ended up being Bart, lol. He told her that he thought I was pretty when he met me at the party, but didn't have the nerve to come over to me and strike up a conversation. :shrugs:

    I was visiting in Germany at that time, so we didn't know eachother for very long. Before leaving to go back to the US, we exchanged emails and IMs and kept in contact that way.

    He traveled often between the US and Germany, and he made it a point a few times to get a layover in Washington DC (near where I lived) so that we could see eachother. THings progressed pretty quickly after that and we ended up sharing hotel rooms during some of his stays. We were "officially" together then.

    My parents separated in April 2006 and I moved back to Germany with my mom, and we have been inseparable ever since :smile: We plan on getting married in the summer, not a church ceremony or anything fancy, just going to the courthouse!
  9. aw...i love love stories :smile: here's mine...

    my best friend and her bf invited me to a camping trip along with some friends memorial day weekend. the "some friends" turned out to be 30 other people. the day before the trip, i slept over my friend's house. she had work that day so i went last minute shopping with her bf. we went to pick up one of his friends spent the day shopping. now, i'm a really shy person if i don't know anyone. the next day when we all met up, there were 30+ people there...i didn't know anyone except 4 other people. i ended up talking to the friend we went shopping with the day before because he was one of the only people who i knew. we ended up hitting it off really well that weekend (hehe we caused some drama because this other girl who was there apparently liked him) and he told me the night before we were going to leave that he wanted my phone number. he never asked me for it before we all left. i was a little disappointed, but i thought oh well because i had just gotten out of a relationship with a jerk and i didn't want to date anyone. he ended up calling me 2 weeks later...he had gotten my phone number from my friend - she even gave him the wrong # twice because in the past she'd given my # out to guys who asked her and they turned out to be he called me we ended up talking for 3 hours. he actually asked me a few weeks later if i would be his girlfriend, but i said no because i wasn't ready to get into another relationship. but, he was persistent, and we've been inseparable ever since. it will be 8 years this memorial day weekend :smile:

    it's funny because my friend and her bf broke up...she took it really hard. about a year and a half later, my bf's cousin came from the philippines. he ended up marrying my friend 2 years ago, and now they have a beautiful baby girl.
  10. alright ladies...heres my story...
    let me tell you about my dating experience which is little to none at that time. im 21 today and 20 at the time. through out my hs years and after, i've been just heavly focusing on school, friends, and work so didn't really made anytime for dating. there were a couple of guys that i could've gone for but didn't. so at that time i thought that i should atleast make time for it. thats the time that i sort of opened up for robert. i knew that hes liked me for the longest but i just pretended that he didn't lol so anyhoo i decided to give it a try. it was nice and everything but both of us were busy so it kind of died down since i personally think i NEED attention from the person but yeah he sort of got me started into the whole dating thing and made me realize that its nice to have someone at a different level than just friends...heres the nitty gritty

    i have a best friend who i care about a lot and one day i found out that hes sick but i couldn't really go and visit. he was with 2 friends of his (one i know and the other i didn't) since the one i know had to work, she handed the phone to the other guy( i was trying to find out the status of my best friend). so we were just talking about my friend then it just led onto how he is crushing on the friend who just left for work. so i was just giving him advice and stuff like i normally do and it was cool then on. later on that night he text me asking me to go on a "casual date" since that what i suggested for him and the other girl. i thought he was kidding and thought nothing of it. the next day i was able to visit my friend where i met SO for the first time. in the beginning of that was just all of us hanging out but later on that day, we were hanging out outside of a friends porch and talking. it was pretty windy and cold out so he came behind me and covered me with his jacket and asked me if i was comfortable. i said yes felt kinda weird for me since i WOULD NEVER let anyone come that close to me before. so the next day...we were hanging out and someone said something where he yelled out "hey! thats my GF your talking to!" thats when i realized that i just got my first boyfriend lol!
    we've been together for almost half a year now and i love him so much! he does the cutest things!
  11. LOL for us, it was so fast, there is almost no story to tell!

    When we met, it really was like one of those hokey scenes in movies where the people look at each other and harp chords sound. :love:

    I took pains to ensure that his sister was informed of an event I coincidentally decided to organize a day or so after first viewing Mr Puff, confident that he would accompany her to the event, which he did, and we managed to chat enough so that a request for digits on his part, and the pleasure with which I handed them over, were not at all unseemly, and a bit after lunchtime the next day, he called and asked me out on our first date, a Friday night.

    The next day, just before lunchtime, I called another young man I had seen a couple of times, and with whom I had agreed to go out that night, and as courteously and honestly as I could, told him that I had "met someone," and would have to break our date.

    And of course, that night, I went out again with Mr Puff!

    That was in 1991, neither of us dated anyone else ever again, and last week we celebrated eleven years of marriage!:heart:
  12. Awww what sweet stories =)

    unfortunately i have no stories to share bc my LT relationship just ended

    however if anyone starts a YOUR HORROR relationships stories thread, i'll have alot to contribute .......
  13. I met SO at the airport where he had been sent to pick me up when I was arriving in the US. My friend who made plans to have me picked up sent me an email saying "My friend is very punctual, so make sure you arrive on time". I thought what kind of dumb idiot this friend was, I'd already given my flight schedule to him and what was I supposed to do if my flight got delayed, walk?

    Long story short, son and I arrived at the airport after a 24hr + trip on which I had to go through customs with a yelling 2 1/2 year old who had just thrown up all over me. Not a good way to meet someone when you are at your absolute worst!

    Anyhow, he helped a lot when I was moving into a new apartment, going to school for orientations etc and somehow a few months later started dating. We were both in grad school and schedules were hectic. We've been together quite a while now (4+ years).
  14. Wow, only a few hours together and you're getting married? :p I kid, I kid. Congratulations!

    I love reading everyone's stories. Keep posting!
  15. aww, these stories are sooooooo sweet! they're bringing tears to my eyes!

    my love story is pretty boring! we were introduced through mutual friends in a bar in Leeds, when i was 16 and he was 19 and at first I was dubious to get involved. he was just starting out as a footballer, and he had all these girls all over him and i didnt want to be another notch on his bedpost! we went on three dates before we even kissed, i definitly played hard to get! i fell for him immediatly, but didnt want him to know it, and as we got to know each other the more i realised that he didnt want me to be another notch on his bedpost, and that he was in it for the long haul. we've had to really work at our relationship, the girls still throw themselvs at him, which drives me crazy, and i've had to learn a lot about trust!
    we got engaged when i was 18 (the story is on the proposal thread) and i'm 23 now and still love him to bits!!! what i love most about how we got together is that we were both so young, and not only have we grown up together but we have the rest of life's journey to take together too!