Your Every Day Rituals

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  1. I have a few everyday rituals :

    I cover my body from head to toe in body cream & face cream.
    ( ever since I was 13 years old) everyday.

    Before I go to bed at night I squirt myself with a little perfume.

    My Clothes are always laid out the night before plus my bag switched and packed.

    I do not take phone calls between 6.00pm and 9.30pm during the work week because thats my family time e.g dinner, homework, (unless its a family emergency )

    I always say a prayer at the beginning of my day and the end of my day.

    How about you ? Any rituals ? :biggrin:
  2. I wish I could be as organized as you. I'm always rushing and forgetting things. If I put things out the night before I wouldn't have that problem. I think I might try to start doing that tonight.
  3. Me too!! My life is chaotic!
  4. Another great thread, Pradasmeadow! Let's kiddo wakes me up. First thing, I go switch the lappy on. Then I wander to the covered porch & let the dogs out, feed the rabbit, and uncover the bird. I take my meds, give my kiddo his meds, and crash in front of the computer for about an hour (lol). Then I get us dressed & ready for the day. Since I'm a stay at home mom, I don't lay our clothes out. But when he starts school & I start work, I will. I always do that when we have to be somewhere in the morning. I have my handbag packed and ready, as well as his backpack, etc for church on Sundays.
  5. Pradasmeadow, we have some of the same rituals. I, too, moisturize from head to toe every day. A beauty secret learned from my mother. And I always use a scented cream (instead of perfume). I should lay out my clothes every night but don't. But I do plan the outfit. And I do switch bags the night before if I am going to switch. I try to begin and end the day with prayer as well. Usually traditional stuff (I'm Jewish) with other stuff thrown in as needed or inspired. I guess my only other steady daily rituals are I must(!) start the day with caffeine and I read the newspaper in the evening while eating dinner and in my p.j.s. (I live alone)

    I'm liking your perfume before bed ritual. I might have to add that!
  6. ( yeah ! Try it, bet you wont be living alone to long ) ;)
  7. hmmm, lets see

    wake up in the morning, around 7am and have a shower, and make myself presentable to the world... i should start getting my clothes ready the night before, but i never do! im usually rushing around trying to find something to wear.

    stick my contacts in, eat breakfast or no breakfast at all and then im on my way to work - generally its a 15 - 20 minute walk with my ipod in....

    when i get home, i always grab some fruit and sit down and watch HOME AND AWAY, and then get some dinner ready and then empty out my bag to see what and why its so heavy! then re-pack it for the next day....

    im either out and about with friends or the bf or watching tv... and hit the hay usually around 1030-11pm

    my daily life is pretty much a textbook life! :biggrin:
  8. i always wake up a tad earlier than i need to because i like to be able to sit and relax before i have to get dressed, eat, and go to school. i also do my school paper's crossword puzzle as often as i can (usually during class - eep!)
  9. Wow! Pradasmeadow, you sound like you have tons of discipline and organization skills...

    My day always starts out the same....
    I wake up and kick the dogs off the bed because they sneak up and snuggle with me while I am asleep. In fact, for little dogs, they sure do hog the bed. Then I walk them for 30 min. Water the plants, then take off for work.

    Some of my favorite rituals, I slather neutrogena body oil as soon as my shower is over. I just recently started having dry skin with the cooler weather. I pack my bags for work. As far as clothing though, I wear a uniform, so thankfully that decision is already made for me. :biggrin: Otherwise, it always takes me forever to get dressed. I can never decide!
  10. I wash brush my teeth, wash my face, moisturize my face and brush my hair before I go to sleep and right when I wake up.

    I always moisturize after my shower/bath.

    I have a rough idea what to wear in the morning but end up choosing right the last minute (although never feeling rushed).
  11. First thing I do in the morning is pee. I don't care if my contacts are cloudy and I can't see. I always find my way to the can first thing :P

    I have to have a cup of coffee as soon as I get to work. I don't talk to anyone until I pour a nice, steaming hot mug and take a few sips. I'm not a morning person.

    I call my mom every day on the way home from work. We're very close, and we talk about our days and what's going on. She keeps me up to date on the latest hometown gossip :shame:

    I have to have a late night snack, usually around 9:30 p.m. or so before bed. Usually it's something warm and comforting, like oatmeal with fruit and walnuts.
  12. I do this, too! I like to take some time to drink my coffee and WAKE UP! :blink: --->:nuts:
  13. grovel out of bed at 9.....
    somedays for some reason when it's summer rain/winter rain I'm up at 8 ready to take the day on with a smile!

    But I sleep late in the morning for two reasons, I talk to my baby on the phone till 1 something ( I love to hear his voice, i miss him too easily), and two my classes dont' start till 1p.m. and end at 5, so I have the morning to eat....

    but I wake up
    Drink a glass of O.J. (BF got me on this )
    EAT (usually I make pancakes, and hash browns)
    Go to the "facilities"
    Wash my face, put on some music, check my emials
    Dance while getting dressed
    Watch some kinda movie on HBO/ or SPIKE T>V>
    Grab a snack, and try to head off to class, but end up coming inside the house 2 or more times, worried I didn't turn something off, or lock something!
  14. ......Thats pretty much my everyday rituals......
  15. i do my mornings with a diet coke...except tomorrow is going to be a very sad morning because we're out :sad: