Your Dream Wedding

  1. For those of us who aren't married yet, what do you want your dream wedding to be like? (Dress, flowers, etc. . . )

    I want my dress made by Daniel Vosovic. (I love him, I love his stuff. I also think I'd look like a corpse in those shades of white that are out there.) I'd like a pink champagne silk ballgown . . . like a really, really pale pink.

    I want black roses for my bouquet.

    I want my bridesmaids in light lilac dresses with white rose bouquets. I want my bridesmen in tuxes with white rose boutennaires. (I want two of each.)

    I want to walk up the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon, and I want to be introduced as a couple to Queen's We Are the Champions.

    My first dance with my husband will be You Are My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White and my first dance with my dad will be Penny Lane by The Beatles.
  2. Oh! I forgot: I want the gown to be very simple, because I want a rhinestone headband. I don't want a veil.
  3. Dress: Simple or all-out
    Boquet: Red and white roses
    Bridesmaids: Reddish dresses

    Church wedding and maybe even a Hindu ceremony (probably in India or something).

    I've put more thought into the reception and stuff than the ceremony though.
  4. Something small, intimate, & sexy. Simple as that.
  5. ditto! To me, it also doesn't have to be a huge wedding either.
  6. I want a small wedding in an old cathedral when the sun is just starting to do down, so the sun will shine through the stain-glass windows.

    My dress will be very simple, all white with simple detailing. I haven't decided on the bridesmaids' dresses, but they'll be simple too. My bouquet will be of pink and/or white daises since they are my favorite flowers.
  7. I'm getting married later this year. I'm going to share some tiny details how my wedding will look like.

    1st day of wedding in the morning, will be the akad nikah or solemnisation ceremony at my Dad's house. I'll be wearing Adjie Notonegoro white kebaya with Swarovski crystals and pearls, a hijab with a shawl that comes together with the kebaya and a diamond/pearl tiara custom-made by Rafflesia.

    2nd day of wedding at night, is the persandingan ceremony. Bernard Chandran white cream songket/lace/silk kebaya with Swarovski crystals and yellow stones and yellow/white diamonds tiara custom-made by Harry Winston. My hair will be coiffed ala Princess Kelly by Roy Jhanie, famous Indonesian hairstylist. Later that night, I'll be wearing a special Christian Dior wedding gown flown all the way from Paris personally designed by John Galliano. White silk roses will be attached to my hair and white diamond tiara by Harry Winston. All my jewelry will be personally designed by Fawaz Gruosi. Dior will sponsor my shoes. The wedding setting will be fairytale with snowflakes falling down from the top, crystals chandeliers, white carpet, flowers everywhere and Medusa small statues on the tables. Royalties, ministers, celebs, fashionistas, friends and families will be my guests.

    There's many more details...let it be a secret.:upsidedown:
  8. oh wow sounds amazing..
  9. I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

    Ideally I would love to get married in the Duke Chapel, but I don't have the patience of Job and the waiting list is ridiculous.

    So it will more than likely be my church.

    The colors will be pink and green I believe.

    I know that at least one song that HAS to be sung at my wedding is The One He Kept For Me.
    I want my reception to be at the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club.

    I want my bouquet to be all roses...what color I don't really know.

    I want my wedding gown to be Vera Wang, although Reem Acra had some nice ones that I saw in a local bridal boutique.

    I think I want my bridesmaids to enter while Kenny G's Moonlight is playing. My first dance I think I want to be Here and Now by Luther Vandross.
  10. My wedding is going to be the ultimate in romantic luxury, it is going to be that to rival a princess’.

    Not many women can truthfully wear a pure white wedding gown but I can assure you that I can and I am going to. The gown is going to be designed by yours truly and it is going to be just beautiful, something to make everyone gasp in amazement. The gown is going to be edged with the most luxurious and finest faux fur (monsters wear real fur) and I am going to wear a diamond tiara and a cathedral veil (leads down to the floor).

    The flowers used are going to be an array of the wedding colors: lily, tiger lily, calla lily, water lily, roses… all of my favorite flowers. The colors of the wedding are going to be light pink and white, my bouquet may be just white.

    The wedding will be held in a large gorgeous catholic church that is going to be beautifully decorated. The wedding will be held in the winter time in a beautiful town in the north, where it snows.

    When we depart from the church it will be in a lovely horse drawn carriage where we will head to the reception. The reception will be held at in a lovely ball room that is again decorated, the tables are decorated, lovely music is playing. The wedding cake is going to be a beautiful light colored tiered cake with a different cake type for each tier. The largest will be chocolate, the second will be white, the third will be red velvet, and I believe there might be more tiers but the top (which will belong to the groom and I) will be luscious dark chocolate. I am going to have a wedding topper made special for me, with a bride and groom made to look exactly like the groom and I in our gown and tuxedo.

    This is all that I have at the moment but I’ve much more planning to do.:heart:
  11. I want a haute couture dress, that's all I really want.

    I may have it in a very hard-to-reach destination so that it will be small and intimate. But I don't really want to plan it, so all the plans are up for grabs, except my dress....
  12. My colors will be a darker shade of red like burgundy or maroon and gold. I want everything to be classic and simple. I don't want anything too stylish. I don't want to look back in 10 years and think "wtf was I thinking!?"

    We probably won't get married in a chapel, since the boy and I aren't religious. So, we'll probably have the ceremony and reception at the same place. I was thinking a winery or country club.

    I don't know exactly what I want; I know more of what I don't want. I don't think about the details of my wedding day. I just know I don't want to spend too much; I'd rather put that money towards our house. But we'll probably have an invite list of at least 300 people. (I have a HUGE family).