Your Dooney Collection!

  1. Everyone introduce your Dooney's!

    YAY we finally have a place to show them off!

    I currently have 2 Dooney & Bourke handbags.

    one platinum grey Hobo, all weather leather (love it, my first dooney!)

    shortly after the first was purchased, i visited the factory store and picked up the grey barrel with red accents! i love it!

    share yours!
    dooney.jpg platinum hobo.JPG Platinum ta ta hobo.JPG Barrel2.JPG Barrel.JPG
  2. I like your barrel bag Vicious.
  3. thanks widow ;)
  4. [​IMG]

  5. i LOVE that one that you're modeling! is that vintage? yeesh i gotta get to my mums house and pilfer some of her bags hehe....
  6. I LOVE your bags!! I'm a sucker for the all weather leather. It's so :drool: :drool: . Great collection!!
  7. hehe thank you and since i made the decision to only buy dooney and coach, hopefully sometime remotely soon i can make a swing over to the factory store and get something more color appropriate for the season!!!
  8. merika - Gorgeous collection!! I love that red Dooney you have. Very pretty!! :heart:
  9. I LOVE the rich color on the first bag you posted, Merika.
  10. I like your black signature Merika.
  11. This could take me awhile, LOL!!

    1. Black "it" chain large bucket
    2. Hot pink large satchel with matching wristlet, eyeglass case, and ID case
    3. Fuschia bucket and matching checkbook wallet
    4. White "it" circle bag, and mini barrel satchel
    5. Dark pink marchesa leather small duffle

    More to come!
 dooney.fuschia1.jpg dooney.raspberry.jpg dooney.whiteit.jpg marchesa4.jpg
  12. I'm curious did you get the pink satchel and matching eyeglass case, etc. from the Q? I remember they were selling a satchel w/extra items.
  13. 1. Raspberry "it" circle backpack--my first, and most loved Dooney!
    2. Group shot, which shows my small accessories, and my grape mini barrel (inside is the matching coin purse)

    I have 2 new ones on the way to my house--will post pics when I get them!

    And I think I need to buy a *bit* less pink! :yes:
  14. Blackwidow, yes, I did get the pink satchel set from the well as the pink bucket and checkbook. Easy Pay on the Q just calls my name!