Your dog's preferred sleeping position?

  1. Hi there! This is my first post in Animalicious! :p

    I have a 4 1/2 year old German Shepherd mix (crossed with a lab or hound of some kind)...he's a medium-large dog, about 65 pounds. Goofy as all heck. Every single night, he sleeps on his back with his paws dangling in the air. It's the cutest, most hilarious sight! And the mutt snores too! :heart: My previous dog never did this, so this human-like sleeping position is very amusing to me.

    How does your dog sleep? :p
  2. Sounds likes he's a sweetie! Isn't it wonderful to have such a precious furry baby?

    My three dogs sleep every which way. One thing I will say is they never stay in the same spot very long. They're all restless and I hear them getting up and moving spots all night long.
  3. My yorkie sleeps like this sometimes too. He doesn't snore, but sometimes he barks and growls and kicks around. I wonder what he dreams about.
  4. Greta, my youngest dog can sleep on her back like a little baby but its usually because i've placed her that way. But she will stay there. At bedtime her and Maya both sleep under the covers against my legs.
  5. My dog moves around a lot. When he's on my bed, he usually likes his face in the air conditioner (which is towards the foot of my bed. He usually lies on his stomach. Sometimes he sleeps on my pillow like a human with his head resting on it which I think is adorable. Other times he just lies his whole body on my pillow lol.

    If he's under my bed he usually curls up into a ball, but when he sees me lookin at him under my bed he usually rolls over on his back telling me to pull him out and scratch him haha.
  6. Faye prefers the on-her-back, back legs spread, head back, front paws bent in, usually stretched out right next to my SO, lol, it's hilarious to see every morning. That's at night though, during the day she kind of half-curls up. Always beside SO though, he's warmer and sleeps later than I do!

    Eclair just curls up in a ball, always right alongside my feet or lower legs.
    faye3.jpg faye4.jpg
  7. My Chi sleeps either curled up in a tight little ball, or if it is warm or she is lying in the sun, she sleeps on her belly, front legs and head outstretched, with her hind legs sticking out like a frog's legs would. I keep trying to get a picture, but whenever I leave to room to get the camera, she wakes up and follows me!
  8. My Chihuahua has a couple different positions. He either sleeps on my pillow (his whole body), sleeps under the blankets with his head sticking out (like a human), or he sleeps under the blankets curled up by my legs.
  9. my dog tends to curl up on her side although sometimes I've caught her sleeping with a leg up in the air I guess airing off her belly. She sometimes sleeps at the foot of the bed or sometimes curls up against my back or on my pillow. Occasionally she decides she wants alone time and will decide to go sleep on the couch. One week she did it all week and then a few days later came back to sleeping in the bed.
  10. What a cute thread! My puggle, Cooper just turned 1 and he sleeps all curled up in a ball most of the time, but when he's in our bed under the covers, he likes to lay on his back with his head on the pillow. He kung-fu fights his way through the covers when he gets too hot, it's hilarious!
  11. my dachshund sleep like a human all the time (sleep on his back and all paws in the air) and he likes to sleep by the wall. Sometimes he growls too, maybe he's dreaming someone steal his treats or toys hehe. And during the summer, like now, he prefer to sleep in the bathroom (or places without carpet) even though the air condition is always on.
  12. in my bed, trying to take up as much space as possible. she also likes to use her legs to push against me and push me out of bed.