Your current foundations(s)?

  1. Well I'm darker in the summer and lighter in the winter so I have my summer/winter shades. Plus my skin is different in both seasons. In the summer I get oily on my nose and cheeks, so I go for matte foundations. In the winter it's drier but still with oily spots (ie: right on the top of my nose) so I go for more of a normal-to dry skin formula because a matte foundation just looks too dry and cakey.
  2. loves! MUFE face and body!

    I agree! with the MAC foundations

    I'm curious what don't you like about it?

    My top 5 foundations that I go to over and over are
    NARS Sheer glow in New Guinea
    : I love this so much I use it more in the wnter months in the summer use it as a tinted moisturizer
    MUFE Face and body: I love this foundation it's light like declaredbeauty mentioned, and it's great in the summer. Thank goodness I have a MUFE boutique near me as I need a custom blend of shade 18 Camel, and shade 46. that blend is a perfect match!
    MUFE Mat Velvet: shade #70 I love MAT velvet it keeps my t-zone from being shiny and it doesn't leave that matte cakey look look despite the name. one of my favourites especially in the summer months..
    MUFE HD foundation: shade 177 I love mufe hd foundation as my face looks flawless in pictures!!!
    Revlon Colour stay in Caramel #400: I was very impressed by this DS foundation. it holds up really well in the heat and humidity, and it doesn't oxidize on me and it's cheap!
  3. I use Chanel Mat Lumiere and I love it! It is perfect. I just finished my second bottle. I went to get another and the sales person suggested I buy Pro Lumiere. I hope I like it!!
  4. Revlon Colorstay oxidizes on me after a few hours, leaving me looking orangey. Also, it didn't feel as weightless as my NARS Sheer Matte. Maybe it's the way I applied it:shrugs:.
  5. I was thinking the same thing :confused1:

    I have two foundations, one for winter and one for summer. My skin color changes pretty drastically between seasons, so I have two different shades of Laura Mercier Oil-Free Silk Creme Foundation. Though I'm thinking of starting to use a different, more natural-looking one, since I'm about to run out anyway.
  6. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Medium Ivory- Love it.

    I also have BE in Golden Medium but I've not been using it as much anymore.
  7. clinique acne solutions-i dont have acne but it helps control my oily skin

  8. Yeah, I get the tan during the summer thing. I meant aside from that lol. It takes me so long to finish a bottle that I can't justify more than one before they would go bad! :biggrin:
  9. Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear, i will never use anything else now that I have found this!
  10. I use one when I want lighter coverage and another for when I need something heavier. My skin is temperamental and I don't always have time to cover up using concealer--if I use a medium-to-full coverage foundation then I most likely won't need to.
  11. 1) NARS Sheer Glow in Santa Fe
    2) MAC Mineralize skin finish natural in medium plus
    3) MAC SFF in NC 25
  12. Diorskin nude
  13. i have a few foundations...some for summer (i live in FL & am in the sun a lot), some for winter when i'm more pale, some that are dewy, some matte, some mineral powder, some more coverage.

    here are mine currently:

    Clinique Superfit in Nutty. My go-to foundation that unfortunately is discontinued grrrr. it is REALLY dark on my skin but i mix it with a lighter illuminizer for a dewy glow. it is the ONLY foundation i have ever had that doesn't make my skin look cakey or white or powdery in photos. i used to use Clinique Stay True and no matter how dark of a shade i got, i would still appear pale in photos. the girl at the counter finally helped me and said the Superfit is a photo ready foundation and i've been using it ever since. i went to restock and they sold me the new Even Better in Nutty without telling me. i got it home and was pissed! i took it back and she explained and i said how awful it was i wasn't told that b4 i purchased. i kept it and she gave me a sample to try. i'll let ya know how i like it.

    Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation in Pure Beige Medium 2. Just got it and i like it so far but it is very shimmery. I brush it on with a Kabuki if i'm in a rush in the AM.

    Clinique Almost Makeup Tinted Moisturizer in Deep. I wear this when i am going to the pool, beach, or in the sun or on days i don't have time for full foundation. It makes me a little greasy so i always have MAC Blot Powder in Dark with me or my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (the greenish one).

    Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Cool Beige. I bought this one recently because I was looking kinda orange lately with my other colors and i wanted to experiment. I like the look Khloe Kardash has (the pinky bright glowy look). I wore it and LOVED it but showed up not so hot in pics. my skin was bronze/tan and my face was pink/powdery even though it has shimmer in it. I am gonna try mixing it in with Nutty which does have a slight orange tint. idk how that will work out though. I am gonna purchase the other 2 colors offered by Revlon PhotoReady (they only offer 8 and i hear most girls mix theirs with Revlon ColorStay to get the perfect match) in Medium Beige and Golden Beige and will prob wind up mixing them to experiment with the color. I am crossing my fingers that they won't also show up bad in pics. I mean, duh, it's called PhotoReady!
  14. Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous in Lite- love the texture, but if I need a little more coverage I go for:

    Shiseido Hydro-Liquid foundation in I20
  15. for foundation i am picky i have tried many different high end foundations and find that it doesn't do what i like but right now i switch with clarins everlasting and bobbi brown oil free even finish foundation & both of them are the best i have ever tried i am half way through both of the foundations and me finishing 1/2 or all of a foundation never happened b4