Your 'craziest' shoes

  1. These are without a doubt my craziest shoes, they are really comfortable and I wear them all the time. with nearly everything. They look awesome with jeans. My whole wardrobe is a bit crazy. I know that your average jane probably wouldn't wear these. They are by Carlos Falchi. :heart:
    DSCF0214.JPG DSCF0215.JPG
  2. Cute they kind of look like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.
  3. They'd have to be the MJ Mouse shoes for me.
  4. I don't think any of my shoes are "crazy" enough to be called crazy! :lol:

    I tend to buy embellished or girly shoes.

    But these may be my craziest shoes. Stella McCartney over the knee platform boots. Never wore them ... decided they were too "fashionable" (and borderline stripperish) for walking around the business school campus. :blink:

    Was thinking about wearing them with white shorts and a Missoni cutaway top. Stella kept the look quite ladylike though.
    stellaboots.jpg stellaboots2.jpg stellaboots3.jpg
  5. WHen I was in grade 7 I had knee high, lace-up boots (so nicely named 'the hooker boots' by all I knew - not in a mean way). They have definitely gotta be the craziest shoes I have had.
  6. i have a pair of tapestry ankle boots with 6 black fur pompoms on each shoe and have a victorian heel. :blink:

    i should take a pic. simply hideous but gorgeous with jeans...

    i think someone musta slipped me something before i bought them.
  7. Hard for me to decide?? I am a shoe junkie!
    Probably the Dior bondage shoes from 2003 or my day-glo pink pointy toes that tie around the ankle. I also have the craziest HO shoe collection. I am a small girl who likes big shoes!
  8. I have a pair of Jean Paul Gaultier shoes that are 2"+ wooden platforms. They're like cinderblocks. I don't wear them out much at all!
  9. The "craziest"? I would have to say a pair of white patent leater calf high Playboy boots. They're pointy and have kitten heels. They're so confy. But i do cop a lot of flack from my friends for wearing Playboy stuff... :shame: but what can i do. I looove these boots. I've even travelled in them, they're very well travelled boots. The only down side to this is that the stupid zippers are made of some high grade metallic crap that always sets off the metal scanners at the airport... So i always have to take them off when i'm going through those things. I've got a few cheeky compliments from customs officers both male and female alike :lol:
  10. years ago (back in the Gianni days) I bought a pair of fabulous Versace heels that had a really long peacock feather sticking out of the toe strap in a beautiful arc. They were fabulous! absolutely amazing! but the feather was about a foot long on each foot so it was only going to be a matter of time before I either did my self a serious injury, or worse, damaged my shoes, so I put them away in their box & looked at them lovingly. One day I came home to find my husband had given them to his niece as 'dressing up shoes' as he thought I never wore them. ????????????? I was devastated, by the time I'd got them back they were ruined, utterly trashed!

    Gianni must have been spinning in his grave....
  11. My YSL red velvet platforms with clip on sworvski cherries! Wore them once! I love to look at them. I call them my Dorothy shoes:shame:
  12. ^ Oo I Know Those. Cute!
  13. I dunno where my shoe is "crazy" enough to be in here. Anyways just wanna share with you guys my "craziest" shoe

  14. oo i love them ^ tres sexy