Your Brother's Girlfriend?

  1. hey, just wanted to post this to see what you ladies think and if you're in my shoes! my brother's gf and i do NOT get along at ALL... i have been nice to her but i just get this weird vibe from her whenever we're at the same place at the same time! hahah it sounds strange but it gets quite bothersome/annoying bc im really nice to her! do any of you have the same or similar issues? and what did you do? :confused1:

    another weird thing is...EVERYONE says that we look alike! sigh..*
  2. very much in the same boat. I just try to be nice.
    They've been married for 25 years and nothing ever changes.
    Very sad.
  3. Before my uncle married my aunt, my mom and she were very wary of each other. They get along fine now.

    Subconsciously, every sister is a little bit wary of the woman their brother is dating.

    Maybe she thinks you think she's not good enough for your brother.
  4. caitlin1214 youre probably right... in fact i think its generally hard for some women to get along with each other. could it be jealousy or what? :shrugs: i hate it when women think that they are better than others :s
  5. It's not that you two naturally don't get along with each other.

    Your brother is probably close to your age, right? She probably just thinks you're going to be overly protective of your brother.

    It's like when a guy brings his girlfriend home to meet his mother. No matter how nice the girlfriend is the mother is still going to feel protective of her son. A girlfriend would feel very threatened meeting the mother because she's afraid of how protective his mother might be.
  6. If you love your brother, keep a distance from her. Let their romance develop or fall apart naturally, in their own way. Do not get in the middle of it. Sometimes, it can make things worse by trying too hard to be nice, because you expect the same kindness in return and would feel resentful if you don't get it back, and you are not doing it naturally with all your heart. Why make things so difficult for yourself?
  7. Gosh...I feel ya.

    My brother is 3 years YOUNGER than I am...and he dated one of MY FRIENDS!!! MY AGE! ... gosh talk about weird. Anyway...I tried keeping it cool on the surface level..but there was and always is this weird feeling now.

    I polite...but don't try to be overly buddy buddies with her..let time do the bonding.


    This weird feeling might be kuz...she may be intimidated of you (u being bf's sis n all) so she may be lost as how she should act in front or near u.

    Either way..heheh gud luck! hahaha
  8. I hear ya! My brother is 9 years older than me, and started dating his (now) wife 16 years ago, when I was 10 years old (she was 19 or 20). I think my brother is one of the coolest guys in the world, but she's just....not my kind of person. She has this way of making you feel like you're a little kid, and if you disagree with her, she acts like a total snob.

    So yeah...16 years later, I still don't care for my brother's girlfriend/wife.
  9. Some women just don't have chemistry. I would be polite to her, that is IF she is polite to you or course!
  10. i totally agree w/ all of you ladies.. should probably just see what happens over time, as i can do nothing about the situation anyway. i think relationships between females are like hit or miss.. you instantly click or you instantly clash.. at least in my experience anyway! and man i have met some real SNOBS :yucky::s oh and thanks for all your replies! :heart:
  11. that is sad!

    i didn't like my sister's bf at first b/c i thought he took too much of her time. and i didn't see her anymore.

    did you try talking it out? sometimes there are things people just don't say, and it take probing for it to come out.
  12. Awwww, just try to be civil with her every time for your brother's happiness. It's still early (it's not like they're getting married yet, LOL).
  13. I know what you mean! I loveeeee my brother to death. He's my best friend and always looked out for me when I was a child. When him & his ex for 3 years broke up, I was so sad because I loved her as well. His new girlfriend is just blah to me, but I guess that's because I compare her to his ex. She doesn't even try to communicate with me or anything, but whatever, as long as he is happy, I'm not going to say anything.
  14. Maybe she is just really shy. My brother dated a girl who was drop-dead gorgeous and came across like a real ice queen, barely spoke to anyone except for my bro, just seemed very stand-offish. It was very off-putting and I wasn't the only one in the fam who felt that way. Eventually they broke up, then a couple years later hooked back up again and she was a totally different person! Seems she had had major self-esteem issues and an eating disorder to boot. It's incredible because this girl was beautiful! But after she got "help", or grew up a little, she really came out of her shell.

    My point is, just keep being nice to her, there could be things going on with her you don't know about.
  15. That's always a crappy situation to be in...

    but in the end it's your brother's happiness that is the important thing and if he is happy with her and they're happy together then that's all that matters.

    Maybe you two will grow to like each other more with time...