Your birthstone- is it close to your fav color bbag?

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  1. Hmm-- maybe this is why I fell in love with my Aqua? My birthstone is December's

    Reference pics!








  2. August





  3. December


  4. I can't see the pictures... :crybaby:
  5. :confused1:

    [​IMG]January Birthstone
    January Gemstone: Garnet
    January Birthstone Color: Deep Red

    [​IMG]February Birthstone
    February Gemstone: Amethyst
    February Birthstone Color: Purple
    [​IMG]March Birthstone
    March Gemstone: Aquamarine, Bloodstone
    March Birthstone Color: Pale Blue
    [​IMG]April Birthstone
    April Gemstone: Diamond
    April Birthstone Color: White, Clear
    [​IMG]May Birthstone
    May Gemstone: Emerald
    May Birthstone Color: Green
    [​IMG]June Birthstone
    June Gemstone: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite
    June Birthstone Color: White or Purple
    [​IMG]July Birthstone
    July Gemstone: Ruby
    July Birthstone Color: Red ​
  6. My birthday is in Feb. and I want a purple bbag......does that count??
  7. ^-- totally-
  8. One day I don't mind getting a Blue India or Turquoise Bbag!
  9. It doesn't work for me - my birth stone is Yellow Topaz (November) but I don't like Orange or Yellow bags. I don't mind Tan though so I suppose in some ways its similar.

    I'm a Black, Brown or Red bag girl really.
  10. My birthstone is Opal, Pink Tourmaline but pink is just not me :P Anyway.. I'm a neutral person!
  11. My Gemstone: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite & Birthstone Color: White or Purple

    I don't have any white but I do have INK!!
  12. Mine is Amethyst and I have eggplant and will be getting violet in the fall, so it works for me too!!!
  13. My birthstone is Peridot. The only green bag I have is Vert Gazon. I suppose that is close.
    But my favourite bags are Black birthstone:P
  14. Mine is Peridot too.... and I have a Vert D'Eau!

    I guess it worked for me :yes:
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