Your Best Score! What bag, from where, regular price and your steal price.

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  1. I've never been to a sample sale but have made some pretty good finds. Most of my bags were purchased on sale but I think my best score to date was my Currant HH Nico XX Hobo from the boutique for $137.50, reg price $550.
  2. Hands down my best deal - Brand new, Michael Kors ID Chain Satchel - Original price $1200, purchase price $299 (from TJMaxx!)

    Runner Up - Marc Jacobs Berry Stella, orig price $995, my purchase price $349 (from NM - a store return that the SA found on back!)
  3. Every bag I get, I find at a great deal!

    Best deal - Botkier Tall Bombay Hobo - $650 retail? $299 BIN on ebay

    Kooba Carla in Brown - $750 - $219 at Off Fifth
    Kooba Sienna in Green - $695 - $195 at Off Fifth
    Isabella Fiore - $650 - $223 at Off Fifth
    Michael Kors - $398 - $123 at Off Fifth
    Hayden Harnett Olive Inka - $425 - $123 from HH labor day Sale

    I think that's the bulk of them! Off Fifth has the best deals!!!
  4. I am def all about great deals too!! 100% of my bags are not retail and most really great buys

    Dior Petite gambler black leather with crystal dice retail $1270 or so -paid $400

    Botkier Bianca(s) Price $600 bought each $300

    Kooba Ink parker price $635-bought @ SS for $200
    kooba nicole price $595-bought @ ss for $150!!!!

    Gustto Baca Retail $660-bought @ ss for $295
    gustto large setela price $645-bought @ ss for $199

    BE and D crawford(deerskin large hobo) price $995-bought for $290 !!!! that rocked amazing bag!

    whew!! :smile: those are the best ones i can think of but all the bags i have come close!
  5. Hayden Harnett's Triple C Satchel in Currant and Lorca in Blush. I've been eyeing them and I'll just bought them from the recent sale. From the advice of some tpfers here, the triple C satchel is a good buy at $179++ plus those tassles are less than $6!! So I just grabbed the chance and do it! But will have to wait slighly longer for shipment due to overwhelming response for their sale.