Your auction terms VS. ebay/ Paypal RANT!

  1. I guess it really makes no sense to have any auction guidelines that are not the same as those given by eBay and Paypal. You can't have a buyer pay in 5 days because eBay says 7. You can't say no returns because Paypal will force you to take a return AND force you to refund the payment even if you are not at fault. Any shady buyer can lie and say your bag is not authentic and you have to return the payment. They can buy your authentic bag and return a fake to you and it is on YOU to prove it. People leave undeserved negative feedback and you can't have it removed. One buyer saying your item was a fake can ruin your feedback for good, even if they are lying. There must be SOMETHING we can do about this! We being all the honest buyers and sellers. Sorry for the rant but I am just so sick of eBay siding with the lairs and scammers. :hysteric:
  2. How about all the money ebay makes off listing and selling your product. Then how much of a cut paypal gets after selling it?? For selling LV bag I got hit with a $100 bill.
  3. Maybe we could all get together and start our own auction site?? Poor Ebay only netted 39 million...billion...dollars last year so they had to raise their rates again last month.
  4. I am a tad miffed with ebay and paypal, especially the fees, they're so expensive. I would love it if we could create our own site, but we'd have to be careful with it, lol
  5. We REALLY REALLY REALLY should. Anyone or her DH a genius coder??? We need good code, for one. We need full staff, I'll help in some way, sure!

    My pet peeve is somehow sellers saying they cannot accept credit cards via PayPal, when it is PayPal's rule that if you accept eBay payments, you must be able to accept CCs.

    I don't come across it often, but I just did with a tPFer's Birkin. :s

    It's really, really important for buyer protection, especially with a several thousand dollar handbag, even if the seller is a known tPFer. I contacted her.
  6. :true:

    I hear you sister!!! Honest sellers will always lose to buyers out to cheat and scam. A buyer who has been lied to has Paypal and/or their credit card company to fight for them to help get their money back. Who fights for honest sellers????? :sad: