Your "almost grail" bag....


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Oct 21, 2006
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A few months ago while out on business, I hopped into an H store, real quick. Wanted to take a look at a certain scarf, but I wasn't expecting much. The S.A. had never met me, but we fell into conversation easily and talked about things we loved, grown up with, and I mentioned my grail bag.

Stay here, she said with a monster grin, and hustled off to the back. So there I am, suddenly alone, waiting for... something. Would she return with my grail bag? :confused1:

She did not. She brought my almost grail bag. As she unwrapped it, I saw perfect, even scales. It was my grail bag style of choice. BUT... the size was one size under what I initially wanted, and while it was in the right colour family, it seemed too bright a shade for me. So I stood there (probably still gaping) and thanked her, but said I had to decline. Someone else in the store swooped in, seconds later, and bought her. I was glad to see someone so happy, and I walked out without any sense of regret.

But in the many months later, I have never been presented this bag again, and have been told by local S.A.s I was lucky to have even seen it. Did I make a mistake? Was I much too picky?

I know they are grail bags for a reason, but has anyone passed on an almostgrail and regretted it later, or hailed it as the right decision? :sweatdrop:
Sep 12, 2007
Well, what exactly did you turn down? :girlsigh:

You went with your gut at that time and that's the best anyone can do, anytime, anywhere.

All the handbags I bought in Paris were "almost grail"... but I knew I wouldn't regret my purchases. At the same time, it's never too picky when it comes to Hermes. After all, serious money is going into it.

It may be harder to find your grail or almost grail handbag, but they exist so don't give up!


Sep 21, 2006
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No, I've not been offered an "almost grail" bag. But you did the right thing because size is different from say hardware or nilo vs porosus. On the one hand, you could easily choose gold hardware over palladium and be happy with your bag. Whereas size is an overall look. I use 35cm birkins and kellys and would not be happy with a 30cm birkin for example.


Mar 2, 2007
I have had this exact experience several times, actually. It's hard to say in hindsight whether it was the "right" thing to do, but honestly if you're spending $$$$ on a bag, I really feel like it should be THE bag for you. No compromises. If the size is wrong, or the color isn't quite right, then it's just not the bag for you, period.
YOUR bag is still out there and will come to you one day!


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Apr 8, 2006
At these prices your "grail" bag needs to be eactly what you desire.....take it from me, it has to be absolutely the right thing otherwise THEN you'll regret it.


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Nov 4, 2006
At these prices your "grail" bag needs to be eactly what you desire.....take it from me, it has to be absolutely the right thing otherwise THEN you'll regret it.

ITA :yes:

Your grail will find you Angelfish and you'll be ready when it does :flowers:

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Aug 6, 2007
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I think you made the right choice.:yes: Think about what this thread would have been if you bought the bag? Oh No... I Think I Bought The Wrong Bag...!


Sep 15, 2007
I was offered an almost grail bag and accepted. I am so happy I did because I like it much more than I would have liked the one I actually (thought I) wanted.

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Feb 26, 2007
ooh, close call. you made the right choice! 25cm is a very definitive size...and in red, it would be so noticeable to you that is was not the bag you always dreamed of. then one day you'd walk by your grail bag by some luck and boom, you'd kick yourself.

i'm glad you passed. your dream bag will find you. maybe you will even special order it! in croc, it is hard to let them pass, they are so luscious, but you have to be strong.


Oct 3, 2007
Well, in this case it was a bright red (Vermillion, I think) 25cm Kelly. GORGEOUS, yes. But bright... and a bit small, to me.... :nogood:
My opinion is that you did ABSOLUTELY the right thing. 25 is NOT a classic. It's a very deliberate choice, almost a specialty bag. Now, if you wanted 35 and it was 32, I'd say buy. You would be buying a classic and practical size, even though it's 3 little cms less than your ideal.