Young moms with young children

  1. what do you usually do on friday nights? i'm sitting here on this board at 11:30pm friday night, when i should be sleeping, since i just had my third child two months ago! i just turned 30 and officially left my job when my third was born. i'm not used to being home all the time- i do have my kids in daytime classes to get socialization for them and for me with other mothers - work at least allowed me to leave the house. most of my friends are either single or have only child so are still able to go out. But i always wonder what other mothers are doing on friday nights!! i feel like i'm missing out on life sometimes. indulge me!
  2. ^ you arent missing anything..LOL....You know..My kids are older now and when I do go out or even away..I just miss them!!!

    Just make sure you take one day a month FOR something just for you..a girls day out...and youll feel better.
    PHH and I used to have ONE day a week for DATE night when the kids were young..It helped alot!
  3. Umm...I am here with you! LOL

    I am 30 as well with 2 little ones. Actually hubby and I have date nights on Saturday nights. We try to at least go to dinner or see a movie. I have gf's who work. During the days I meet them for lunch. Or like tomorrow hubby is watching the kids while I go out of town for the day to the outlet shops with my gf. I think getting involved with the PTA and such helps you to meet other SAHM's and then you can get together and have girl days! I don't feel that I am missing anything by not going out to every weekend to party. I kind of think that's over-rated.

    I am addicted to this board though so I have fun here on Friday nights!?!?! :nuts:
  4. I'm right there with ya! 32 years old, 2 little kids and a hubby. We don't go out. Period. Unless it's somewhere for the kids, like the park or swim class. Since our 21 month old is HORRIBLE at restaurants, malls, and all other public places, we just don't even go there and avoid them.

    Every night of the week almost without exception, we have dinner at home followed by our nightly routine of playtime, then Sesame Street and one Thomas episode, and then bath/bedtime. The most adventurous thing we do is to invite friends over (usually friends with kids). If we try to get creative and go out for dinner, all hell breaks loose! You know what I mean: the 3-year-old gets bored and antsy and starts whining at full volume. The 21-month-old starts freaking and throwing a tantrum because she's buckled into the restaurant's high chair (which she hates). Mom and Dad end up stuffing food down their mouths as fast as they can so they can just get the hell outta there....OR, Mom takes the screaming toddler outside while Dad chugs his food as fast as he can.

    Nope, we sure has heck don't go out on weekend nights....or any night for that matter!