You'll NEVER believe

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  1. I was @ Outback Steakhouse Today getting a gift certificate for a friend. Well I'm waiting && all of a sudden this lady walks up to me && says..."I LOVE YOUR Louis" I reply with a thank you && next thing I know she walks away. Well, as she was leaving I noticed her bag. It was a papillon in white with neon orange monogram all over it. My boyfriend grabbed my hand && was like, "baby, that HAS to be fake...right??"
    It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I guess she assumed the the Mini Lin was fake as well. But I was so taken back my the purse && the fact that my boyfriend noticed. So I made the comment to him, "Your so designer like that" (I posted an eariler blog about him)

    OH's a Picture of us.
  2. lol!!!! My bro is like that too! He is always like, look she is carrying a fake! He is only 13.
  3. Um- may I ask what is that you are doing with your hands?

  4. :confused1: confusion
  5. You have your left hand up in the air. Is that a Peace Sign?
  6. peace out? :P
  7. un - peace?
  8. PEACe i believe :biggrin: i always do that...
  9. ^^y
  10. I'm pretty sure that's a peace sign! Great story though! I hate seeing fakes, but in a way it makes my own authentic items so much more satisfying! You and your BF are super cute together!
  11. funny make a cute couple!
  12. .....sorry.
  13. eeew.neon orange monogram?
  14. lol ew that sounds gross haha
  15. Atleast she compliemted you on the bag =],maybe she is complimenting you for owning a real one while she has a fake?