You Think Vlad Is..

  1. .. bored? Hah!
    i a m s o b o r e d r i g h t n o w . i h a v e m y b u n n y , d i v a , 2 f i s h a n d i a m d o g s i t t i n g f o r m y c o u s i n ( m a l t e p o o d l e ) a n d i h a v e n o t h i n g t o d o ! ! !

    lol that was fun. yea i'm dog sitting and i'm bored out of my mind. we went to the dog beach today and that was fun, and we walked around fashion island before that and that was fun, and now i'm incredibly bored. i think i'll have a FRIENDS marathon until the end of the season. lol. that's a lot of time..

    i've nothing to do! omg. my car is non operable (at night, it's quite unsafe cuz i need to fix something electrical and well, i've been lazy and it's not important to me cuz i dont go out at night often).

    what are you doing?
  2. this is the one thing i like about this board compared to others. The owner actually POSTS and is a part of it. I love that!
  3. Plotting my trip to South Coast for tomorrow.
  4. i'm so bored. all my friends are in Atlanta because school is out, but i'm here to work and focus on losing weight all summer. today was my day off and i went outlet shopping (to great success, or failure, depending on whether or not you're looking at my credit card bill), but now i'm just chillin' and watching What Not to Wear on TLC. i have to open tomorrow at work, so i'll probably put in a Sex and the City dvd soon and hit the sack.
  5. Waiting for the French Open to start. 30 more minutes!
    ESPN is love.

    So I can drool openly at Rafael Nadal and James Blake and the other hunnies peppering the clay. :love::kiss::kiss::graucho:
  6. Jimmy! I am LMAO:lol: you totally crack me up!! I thin you and me and irishgirl should all meet at SCP tomorrow for more laughs and SHOPPING:yes: :graucho:
  7. Jimmy, I will be carrying a grey city and be with a hot man...which will you notice first?:heart:
  8. lol i can't shop anymore.. and dogs aren't allowed in SCP.

    i need to stop shopping and save for my car!! lol.
  9. hot man!

    what's a grey city? :shame:
  10. who you calling a dog?

  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. You guys are so funny! :lol:
  13. rofl.. i can't leave Maximus (the maltepoodle) at home! i feel bad. haha.
  14. Okay, Jimmy, your night sounds great to me. Lets see, today I suntanned and swam, had to run home and shower then go to a graduation party and directly after a going away party, i just got home made myself a frozen pizza and am now watching What not to wear.
    Tomorrow I have to go to a birthday party...which will last all day and night long...I'd prefer snuggling in bed with Maya.