You Know You're Addicted to Hermes When

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  1. You learned that there are florescent watermarks on the packaging and bought a uv light to see it on your own box. :cool:
  2. You tell your SA about the next bag you want while you’re paying for the one you just bought. :nuts:
  3. That's the best!!:biggrin:
  4. You Know You're Addicted to Hermes:

    When I type on my calendar Miss Bo:heart:and Miss Evie’s:heart: six month sleep:sleepy: schedule, as well as, the day/time they wake up after sleeping:sleepy: in their boxes for one week:hugs::hugs:
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  5. When your husband says, “no more shopping, unless you’re offered a K”:love:
  6. When a second kelly comes in about a month after the last kelly came in and the last Kelly hasn’t been brought out on a spin I.e still boxed up! ...I’m a junkie guys!
  7. When your DH mentions a business trip and your first thought is whether there is an Hermès store nearby that you can convince him to visit between meetings;)
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  8. You know you are addicted to Hermès when you walk into your preferred store and instead of being greeted with a “good morning “, one of the SAs on the floor says, “L......, right?” Meaning...... they know I am there to see my SA and they know by heart who she is :coolio: I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Happy that they know me but sad because I might be spending too much time there. Time to get a hobby :whut:
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  9. Unless you're in NYC, and the H store in the meatpacking district is open on Sundays.
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  10. Sneaking out early for “lunch” but really visiting the store and plotting with your SA how to get a bag home without the boyfriend seeing it...

    (Bonus point: you know you’re addicted to TPF when you ask a fellow customer you were chatting with if they are part of the forum hahaha she must have thought I was cuckoo)
  11. You go to the boutique every morning but one day you don’t go until the afternoon, you walk in the door and they say “You’re late”.
  12. :lol::tup:
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  13. Have totally had this happen. lol
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  14. Oh gosh ..... you got me laughing pretty hard. I guess a lot of us face that reality!! I felt like I was reading my own biography
  15. Lol :happydance: Isn’t that a trip??!!! So funny I go into those crazy seasons and now Hermès is the hobby. Lord help me