You Know You're Addicted to Hermes When

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  1. You snap a picture of your bag in portrait mode treating it as a person :biggrin:
  2. OMG i did just that today... at the doctors office no less. Guilty as charged!
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  3. When you need a new sofa and you decide to get one that will match this H Avalon cushion (shout out to @Israeli_Flava for the inspiration from your IG :heart:).

  4. When you are already Day dreaming model shots Of the Hermes items on your wish list. I think I have a problem folks :P. I strut around as thought my Fendi peekaboo were a Kelly 28 bleu electrique GHW. I’m starting to think I own a Kelly...
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  5. Omggggggg that’s soooo funny! I seriously believe that subconsciously I bought my new sectional KNOWING which pillows I’d buy to dress it up!!! Same same twinzies!!!!!! We are cray cray for Hermes!!! (((Hugs))))
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  6. Love this !!!
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  7. When your heart jumps as soon at it sees THAT orange shade.. until you realize it was just the color of a reflective vest on someone's dog..
  8. When you stand there in a shop's dressing room and contemplate getting an all orange dress, just because you like the color (until your mother tries to tell you that you might look like a pale pumpkin).. hahaha
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  9. when you are grumpy for days because you missed that H-scarf (pattern I love, color I love, great price) by a few minutes :panic:
  10. Aaaaah, that is a movie I would really want to see, haha! Everything about H :biggrin:
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  11. When you are crafting H-inspired accessories for your (newborn) daughter's doll..
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  12. When the scarf they send you is not the one you ordered, but you keep it anyway and put in another order for the one you wanted. :P
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  13. When you only turn on your phone to see if the SA called.
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    I know that my DH has an addiction when he took my Rivale bracelet and put it on my pup as a dog collar.
  15. You find a great SA across the country and decide start looking at vacation real estate as an excuse to go out there.