You Know You're Addicted to Hermes When

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  1. ahahahahaaha lol
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  2. When you are at a the Lip Lab for an appointment to custom make a lipstick and your friend pointed to a puplish pink hue, and the first thing that came to your mind is "Rose Pourpre". True story (just today).
  3. I can’t make this stuff up...Was giving my little one a shower this morning and we were talking about show&tell ideas for school next week. My 3 yrs old didn’t even think and just said H for Hermes mama! oh no...
  4. Train them early! LOL!
  5. LOL! This reminds me of my 4yo. He was drawing random stuff with a marker the other night and he was like “I’m drawing a Hermes horse!”
  6. I thought it would also remind you of rose lipstick lol
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  7. My husband doesn’t know that I only plan vacations in cities where the is an H. Boutique. I also know that the stores are always in good areas, so I look for hotels close by...
  8. I know that I am totally addicted when I paint my nails to match my BE bag.
  9. There's a thread for nails to match H here. Please do share there, too. :smile:
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  10. So true! I do the same thing
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  11. Everytime we travel my husband says ... “why our hotel is always close to the Hermes store ??
  12. When you don't know anything about football or care about it, but you consider buying a Philadelphia Eagles jersey because it would look good with your Malachite Birkin.
  13. He propably thinks they are everywhere and are not rare...
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  14. Future scarf artist
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    When looking at my movie ticket and ...wait.wait.... am I going to watch Everything about H???

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