You know you are obsessed when.........

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  1. I love a light in my handbag! I always have a small Maglite with me. It's specially practical in the cinemas. As I have big bags and many things in it I use the light quite often.
  2. Haha... funny... I wonder if anyone actually buys it... although I do carry a small keychain flashlight after the blackout... that's an idea I can use it for... haha... :nuts:
  3. i almost want to say i need one of those for when i purchase my Tano because they're quite large, but i think mini mag is the way i'm going to go... or coach keyfob flashlight...

    either way, it's a SCARY good idea... cuz who else would need a flashlight for your purse but a crazy person??? lol :nuts:
  4. OMG I got rid of a large Gucci that had because I could never find anything in it....If I had only known! We ARE nuts! :lol:
  5. yea. it almost sounds like a good idea. if it were hella cute in addition to being functional! like, if it was a skull or something..... yea. its an obsession!
  6. some cheapo bag company makes one with a light in it- that automatically comes on when you open the magnetic snap- Rosetti, I think, whatever you get at cheapo places like Walmart....

    You KNOW you're obsessed when..... you buy CLOTHES to match a BAG insteadof vice versa !!! hahahahaha
  7. *wouldn't buy bag with built in light i dont' think* a mini light FOR my bag, if it were hot, like photoobsessive said i'd think about it!~ :nuts:
  8. I have seen them at Hehts or Kohls and it really is a good idea!

    I didn't think the bags were not very attractive, but the light feature is awesome:yahoo:
  9. ^^^^^ Yeah, but you still have to dig around in your handbag! :roflmfao: . Hilarious, so does this mean that bags are definately getting to big when you need a headlight attached to it that comes on when you open it?
  10. When your bags are getting bigger and your eyes are getting older (like mine :push: ) a lighted bag is a GREAT idea!!

    Where do I get one? :p
  11. Where would you keep the flashlight though? I don't think I would put it in my key chain.
  12. Don't laugh-there are some very pricey leather bags that have the light inside in the leather. I thought it was a great idea when I first saw them. I can't remember the brand now...I'm old.:yes:
  13. Don't get me wrong I would love to have light inside my purse...the link on the first post has a light that clips on to the side of the purse, which I wouldn't do either but you can definitely clip it in the inside pocket... too bad the website is from UK.

    I shall do my research, if I find anything I will let you know;)