You know you are a purse addict ....

  1. When your bag costs 5 times more than your dress for your brother's wedding. And I have spent way more time deciding on the bag versus the dress, which I picked out in a matter of minutes.

    Lesson learned start shopping for a cream/ivory colored bag much earlier than August. I've known about the wedding since the beginning of January (it's at the end of Sept).

    How did you know you were a purse addict? Peggy
  2. I knew when I started making bag purchases (just one or two) that were equivalent to the mortgage on my townhouse! And even after that I still wanted more, more, more! :lol:
  3. When my designer purse collection began to outnumber my mom's!

    Which is odd because my mom had to push me to start using a purse..I didn't even use one until my freshman year in high school!
  4. when I spend the whole day in front of the computer logged onto the PURSE FORUM!!

    when I lie in bed and dream of handbags at night!!

    and when I keep a updated wishlist of all the bags that I want all year long...
  5. When I keep buying and looking for more bags to buy and never satisfied with what I already have
  6. When I don´t buy something I need in order to save money for a new purse.
  7. I knew I was a purse addict, when my mom said that she would send me to a psychiatric hospital if i bought any more bags. :biggrin:
  8. I'm with you Pursegirl.
  9. when i realised i spent an amount of money equivalent to my laptop (which i use for my job) or my bf's camera (which he use to make money) just for 1 bag!
  10. When I made my husband upholster the shelves that I keep my purses in to make sure their bottom won't scratch.
  11. when you have your favorite store on the speed dial and even security guard at the store knows your name!!!:nuts:
  12. when i would stop in mid conversation to admire a bag, name the season, shade, etc.
  13. When I had enough purses to go for over two months without using the same purse twice.
  14. When I found myself able to identify the purses of random women from relatively far away... and sharing this identification with whomever I was with. For instance, my dad has no clue what the words "Marc Jacobs multi-pocket" mean.
  15. yes yes yes know are handbag addict if you come to this site everyday to see your purse porn...heeeheeehheeee..