You know what I miss...?

  1. I miss the days when you would receive the scarf catalogue in the mail, and the designs would be all new, either because there was no, or because the GOT THE BLOODY SCARF BOOKLET OUT ON TIME!!!!

    By the time the S/S 07 catalogue arrives, the scarves will be old news, and nearly all sold out on the website.

    It's boring.
  2. I don't "miss" that coz my history with H doesn't go back that far, lol! But I hear what you're saying!!! There's no mystery or surprise anymore as nearly all the new designs show up on the website before those booklets hit the mail! Btw... you know me and those darn mailing lists:biggrin:... when can we expect the S/S 07 catalogue?
  3. buggered if I know...haven't got mine yet - they're late again, apparently.....
  4. I feel sorry for the clients who don't have web access, or who wait for the booklet to make their choices - lemmie tell ya, my store has sold out of several designs in certain colourways already.
  5. You know it's weird... I never got an A/W 2006 in the mail (tho Surfers and my store gave me one), but then I got two of those Christmas ideas cards in the post. The person who does the mailing list must've been into some special Shopmom brownies...
  6. Lol!
  7. Yeah, it is sad scenario indeed. Hey but aren't they re-ordering any more in? It's still the same season for a bit yet, isn't it? I'm still waiting for white Jungle Love to hit my store. They've got every other colour now but white!!!
  8. My store had white on Saturday.

    yeah, they're expecting more, but I'm done with this season know? I think there's only one more that I'd like.....and you have to be in SUCH a mad rush when they're first delivered to get the special ones.....there' not much pleasure in shopping like that.
  9. Ohh, ok, I'll give my store a little teensy bit more time, then it's game on and I'm calling everywhere else for it, lol!

    It sucks, huh, K? It's crazy. It's not so bad for me coz I'm not a collector so it's ok if I missed out on something or some particular colourway. But I totally get what you're saying! It really takes the joy out of it.
  10. bloody scarves. they're an addiction.
  11. Heheh, now for a 12 step programme -

    Step 1: Hand all your scarves over to me...
  12. DH would love that! I'm attempiting to take over part of his closets for scarf storage.......he won't be in it....
  13. OK girls, now get this...I remember a couple of decades ago getting a Hermes book that actually showed Kelly bags and other leather pieces and bags with prices. There was an order form inside! I still have some old scarf books with order forms showing the old prices! I remember at the time thinking "Hmmm, where is the decimal point? That can't be right!" But it was. Only remember getting one book like that. If I knew then what I know now: 1. would have taken a loan to buy everything in the book 2. would have saved the book as a relic of the past!
  14. cool!

    I miss the old scarf booklets with the tying instructions on vellum paper inside.

    Ah...the good ol' days!
  15. I miss getting the booklet with the envelope,... and the envelope NOT BEING EMPTY! apparently some one at my post office likes to take them out, the last 2 came with NOTHING, NIX, NADA...O!