you guys are so bad!!!

  1. hey Fendi lovers!!! just wanted to say Hi since this is my first post here! i have wandered onto the fendi subforum yesterday by accident...and i must say...i have not been able to leave ever since :drool::drool::drool:!!!!!!!!

    all those beautiful spy bags are making me cringe and i think i need to get one soon to stop my craving!! so i guess my question is...should i go with honey or chocolate or black? i think the cognac is beautiful but my best friend has one and i like the other colors better.

    i actually dont feel much for the black cuz i have a lot of black bags. my fav color is actually the honey right now but just not sure how it matches and if it gets dirty easy. the choco is pretty too but my paddy's in chocolate too...:shrugs:! so spy owners...have you been extremely satisfied with your spy purchase?!?! no regrets at all? ive read about some peeling and rubbing serious is that? any way to protect it?

    omg i want my very own spy right now!!! i need you guys to justify another 2K hit in my bank account :nuts:! thanks for your help!!
  2. If you love the honey, definitely get the honey! It's a great neutral, all season color. I think a lot of honey spy owners will tell you that they love it to pieces, and that they have had very little color rub-off that the cognac spy (especially earlier season) is prone to have. And welcome! :flowers:
  3. I first bought a choco spy. I am normally a b-bag and a chloe girl. Anyways, I was so happy with it that I got 2 more. These are very dangerous bags, but I love them to pieces. Now I pretty much exclusively carry my spies over any other bag.

    As far as color, I agree with Greendrv. Honey is a terrific color to go with and it is very versatile. Atleast in this way, it wouldn't be competing with your choco paddy! Good luck! And post pics when you get yours! :love:
  4. i USED TO not like the spy but when I somebody showed me the choc brown large spy, i know i have to have it! I took the plunge and has never been happier with my new bag :smile: