You guys are great!

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  1. Hi everyone!! I've only been on this forum for a week or two but have been reading all of the posts since the fall, and I just wanted to thank you all for contributing to my great week!! As a student I def don't have a ton of money to be going out and buying awesome bags, and reading this forum has quenched some of my bag thirst vicariously!! But my real thank you is to all of the girls (and guys) who said such great things about Woodbury Commons and the Coach Outlet in general when I posted a question about it last week. Because of you guys I went to the outlets with my roommate yesterday and we came home with two bags each!! It was the highlight of my week and I never would have made the trip if I hadn't read the forum, so thanks (from me AND my roommate!) :biggrin:
  2. What do the bags look like?!
  3. Great!!!! and welcome !!!
  4. awww that's great! welcome!!
  5. I got two Coach bags because they are my absolute fav (also... you guys will prob laugh but when my boyfriend bought me my last bag I signed a "contract" promising I wouldn't buy another bag over $100 for the next 3 years- u can imagine why reading this forum is torture!). But I got the Madison clutch evening bag in silver (they have it in black on the Coach website), and the Soho flap in chocolate (they have it on their website now in pink, tan, and white). They are both beautiful and both under $100!!
  6. wow great congrats! my cousin was just there yesterday and bought the white fish tote and the matching wrislets lol thats a pretty good outlet
  7. Fabulous!!
  8. :smile: I'd like to second that. I've been learning SO much, and everyone is just soooo darling. I haven't been there for very long, but since being here I've gotten a lovely botkier bag, and it's really opened my eyes to a whole new world of handbags!!!! ( my boyfriend is none to thrilled though, all he ever hears about are paddingtons, and MJ, and the new IT bag, etc.... I think he tunes me out now!)

  9. That's awesome, that sounds like some really good finds ! ;)
  10. :smile: you talked me out of buying a juicy couture bag. and I am indredibly grateful, because I saw it on nordstroms last weekend shopping, and I almost fainted- it was SO UGLY in person. :biggrin:

    so, a belated thanks! ;)
  11. Congrats on your new bags!!! I'm glad you liked Woodbury Commons.
  12. Haha.. aww, thanks ! I'm always here to spread the gospel of great fashion and class. :amuse: