You are all so sweet...That is why I LOVE this forum

  1. We are all Chanel lovers... even though the Chanel bags we love may be different but we share the same passion. Since the one and half months I have been here I have never seen any rude or mean comments made by any of the members here. It is such a loving enviornment that people feel sooo comfortable to hang out in. What you say about others truely reflect who you are - ladies you are all the most beautiful women in the world...and if you are a gentleman you are awesome too..
  2. i second that.
  3. this is my favorite Forum here, nary a nasty comment in sight! :love:
  4. awwww you're so adorable :smile:
  5. Ahhh, big hug for you! :heart:
    I feel exactly the same way :yes:
  6. I love the environment in this forum too!! :love: Sometimes when im feeling down or anything, i would just pop in here and it cheers me up! :flowers:
  7. I totally agree. The positivity is what I appreciate most in the Chanel forum. Everyone is really nice and helpful.

    Although, I now spend more than I ever have on bags.... oh boy! :sweatdrop:
  8. I agree as well- the Chanel forum has such a friendly vibe.:yes:

    Thanks everyone for being so great!:flowers:
  9. what a sweet thing to come home to after 9 hours on my feet at work.................i so agree, these girls (and guys) are the absolute best............i love it here and always have since i first joined 5 months ago.....:heart:
  10. ITA! Its just a great place to come to! Everyone is the best!
  11. ITA:yes:
    lov this forum...and chanel sub-forum, of course:love:
  12. love this forum! with all the great info's everyone is sharing..!! thx to u all!
  13. I know! Not like some other forums I post in once in awhile. There is one that shall remain nameless...but I go to it for my favorite band...and in almost every post someone is is ridiculous!
  14. This is the only forum I visit. I got so hooked on Chanel ever since joining. Chanel girls are the classiest!
  15. I totally agree. You girls are the best!