You and your LVs ... where did it all start?

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Aug 26, 2008
So, how did your love for Louis Vuitton begin?
And what does your family think about your addiction, collection, love or whatever you want to call it :smile:

My story with LV began accidentally. To begin with, I didn't really like LV at first. There were so many fakes around and I just wasn't into Monogram and Speedies. But then it all changed when I entered LV boutique for the first time. The real bags were actually very stylish, chic and so incredibly cute. Now I lovelovelove LV!

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Dec 20, 2006
Welcome to tPF Noorah! As Bag Fetish says there are tons of these threads many that you won't have to try hard to find one!


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Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
I wanted one in high school. My mom said they were too high and I never went to find out. I was a coach and Gucci girl. A few years later I coveted a large noe EPi bag. It was too expensive for me then I was in college earning hardly anything in my pt job. When I was in my thirty's I started buying them. I am not a collector I love purses and use them all. My family does not really care. They do not know how much they cost and they do not ask. My mother has bought me a few. But I don't buy LE or the other rather costly ones. My family would not expect me to carry a purse that really wasn't a designer.


May 25, 2008
When I was 10, I read a lot of teen magazines like J-14, etc. I came across a pic of Jessica Simpson and her Speedy 30 which caught my eye instantly. Then I kept reading magazines and came across a page about the 'must-have' bags and saw many were by 'Louis Vuitton' (I pronounced it as Loo-is Vwit-ton aha) so I finally asked my mom, "What is this brand, Louis Vuitton?" She explained it me that it was a high-quality luxury designer brand. I really liked the Monogram pattern and decided to search up on the name and go to the website. I browsed through all the products in 'City bags & briefcases' and fell in love with LV instantly, especially with the MC line!

For one more year I stuck with no-name purses from Claire's and other stores. Then at 12 my fam was planning a trip to NYC --I haven't been there before. I knew about Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, and all the fashion districts and I decided that I was going to get my first LV. I started to save up for the MC Pochette MM.

When we arrived in the LV Boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue, I was amaaaazed. It was my first time ever in a LV store and I was thrilled. We asked the SA for a Multicolore black pouch (I didn't know the name at the time) and she let me see all the MC wallets. I found the MC pochette.. but in GM. I wanted the MM because of its cute chain, but it was out of stock. So I browsed some more and my dad suggested the Mono Mini Pochette Accesoires. It looked adorable! But the SA suggested something new and pulled out the Trunks & Bags Mini PA. I loved it and ended up buying it! :yahoo: I can remember the feeling of purchasing my first Louis Vuitton every time I think about it !

My family supports me in buying LV. They think it's great that I have an eye for quality and I go for the best things. It also shows I am unique; in a crowd full of teens carrying Hollister totes, I am already carrying Vuitton. :smile:


Jan 24, 2007
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Welcome to tPF...and prepare to fall deeper in LVoe! Well, my romance with LV began a few years ago when I saw the "Wedding Planner" starring Jennifer Lopez. She carried a Damier bag (can't think of the name at the might be discontinued) and paired it up nicely with a cream trench coat.

I was like, whoa! she looks fabulous...I want that style!! Mind you, I was very aware of the brand itself, as my mother owned a few pieces when I was younger. She and my father would travel to Europe and bring home luxury goods.

Needless to say, Louis and I have been having an affair of sorts ever since. There is something about the look of the patterns and canvases that gives me a certain high. I am sure all you Vuitton lovers can relate!


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Sep 23, 2006
NYC metro-area
I always saw people schlepping through the airport with these brown bags.
Finally I got with the program, and requested a bag for Christmas from my ex-H. He got me the Damier Chelsea & the mono backpack.
During the divorce, the collection really grew during retail therapy.
I love my LV bags.

I think my family gets a kick out of my bags. They know I spend more money wisely choosing both function and quality.


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Sep 12, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Since high school I have always wanted LV and designer goods, but because of my upbringing, I couldn't justify the purchase :sad: So I just kept a lot of photos of them and kept dreaming of one day! My whole family knew I loved designer bags but were happy I wasn't spending any money on it yet (they believe savings for a house and such should come first)

Well my dad ruined that "good" streak for me, when I was set to graduate from Uni, one weekend he called me while I was at home and goes "I want to get you something nice for your graduation". So I'm thinking.... maybe cash for my savings? Or new clothes to kick off my new full-time job? I was wrong!

He goes, "Well I'm standing in Gucci right now and the SA thinks this bag called a "tote" would be suitable as a new working bag". I seriously almost fainted!

He came home with my first Gucci tote AND my first LV bag, which I can't remmeber the name for, but it's a gorgeous evening bag! (and the cherry on top was right after my graduation ceremony he surprised me with a diamond necklace). I love my daddy :heart: :heart:

And every since then, I couldn't stop hopping over to LV to grow my collection ;D
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