York Buckle Tote OR Kerrington Square Tote

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    I got a Perry tote for Christmas and I LOVE it... I just want a fun, new bag for summer time! I found the Kerrington Tote in watercolor and fell in love! I just hate to get a bag that is so similar to my Perry? Although it is a little different in shape. So I go into Neiman Marcus and come across the York tote... Ive never liked it really and now I am in love with it?!?! I need help! They are both so different and I am torn. I have a birthday gift card that I can use at TB but not on the York? I am so torn! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! I do not carry my Macbook right now with me but might in the future for work. I just need a good, everyday bag! My Perry is in bark and it has been a trooper! I am looking at the York in light oak but am afraid of color transfer? I just want a fun, summer color and that is the only one I like. I don't want another blah natural color lol
  2. Hi - I have the York in light oak and LOVE it. Because of the saffiano leather I have had no issues with keeping it looking like new. It's a durable bag. I love all the compartments to help with organization. It's a beautiful, classic bag. Good luck with your decision!
  3. The light oak is beautiful! But i get what you mean when u say youre afraid of the color transfer..
  4. I have the light oak and the saffiano leather is very, very durable, I have no color transfer yet!
  5. I've had that issue with my Perry bag and it makes me sick! I just got it four months ago and the back is just terrible looking.
  6. does it say on your birthday gift that it can't be used on the York? When I bought my small black one, I used my Christmas gift card on it...but this was also two years ago. Light Oak would be a beautiful color!
  7. I had the York Tote and sold it because the middle zip pocket isn't attached to the bottom and everything would slide under it and drive me crazy lol. I have the Perry and the Kerrington and love them both! I use an extra large purse organizer and it helps keep things more organized and keeps its shape.
  8. Ah you helped me make my decision! Kerrington it is. Is the Kerrington a little different shape then the Perry? I am concerned with them being so similar? The only thing I don't like about my Perry is that when I sit it down its not very deep and I feel like it "flops" open and everything can be seen and since it doesn't have a closure : (
    But I believe the Kerrington is a little deeper and hoping with it being deeper it won't bulge open as much. It reminds me of the LV Neverfull.... Any information will be helpful! I live two hours away from a TB store. What organizer do you use for the Kerrington?
  9. The largest Kerrington is a little taller than the Perry and just a tad deeper. Its still somewhat of a floppy bag though. I love the Kerrington's more honestly because they come in all different patterns and I like the little D ring on the front, perfect place for a bag charm =) I bought an extra large purse organizer from pursebling.com.
  10. Okay great! YES! I love the watercolor print... I want it so bad! Do you mind me asking which size and the name of the organizer? Does it fit down in there with a little room to spare?
  11. I bought the Purse Bling Exclusive Purse Handbag Organizer Extra Jumbo. It's a tight fit in the Perry but theres room on the ends in the Kerrington, it moves around a little but that doesn't bother me. So I guess the Kerrington is larger all around. The organizer isn't as tall at all in any of the bags it goes about half way I would say but all the measurements are listed on the site if you want to compare the sizes.
  12. Thank you soooo much for all of your help!!! I'm hoping with the purse organizer that it won't fly open as much.
  13. You're very welcome :smile:
  14. Do you happen to have a picture of your Purse Bling organizer inside your Kerrington tote? If I got the extra jumbo, is there room in between the bag and the organizer for like a book? I have been researching for quite some time and can't decide if I need the jumbo or extra jumbo. I don't want it to be too small but I want there to be a little room for a notebook. Also, the inside of my new bag is going to be navy and of course they don't offer navy. Do you have one that matches your bag?
  15. I got the Purse Bling Exclusive Purse Handbag Organizer - Extra Jumbo in Tan to match my Perry and Kerrington totes. Its tight in the Perry but theres room on the sides in the Kerrington. I used the measurements of both bags and compared them to the measurements of the organizer.

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