Yippeeeh finally ballerina's that fit me...have a look!

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  1. I shared the other day that I had the hardest time finding ballerinas that look nice on me. I hate when they are too wide and make my foot look flat or what happens regularily my toes touch the tip...and 1/2 size abouve they just slip from my foot.

    So while I was in "town" getting my sunny's repaired I stumbled over these and I must say I am in love. They are really comfy while looking nice, so I took two colors:shame:. What do you think?
    Best thing I got a really nice reduction...:graucho:


    P1010046.jpg P1010047.jpg
  2. I like them!
  3. nice shoes.. i want to it in side view.. can you can post a pic. in side view? i want to see the heels.. thanks!
  4. They are very cute! :flowers:
    I know Casadei, it's an italian brand! :tup:
  5. Cute :tup:

  6. thanks lady's I am so happy just love how cofy they are.
    i will try to take a sidepic a little later .
  7. Cute! I really like Casadei shoes.
  8. versatile! i like em
  9. They are very hot!
  10. That's very cute! I love the brown pair.
  11. gorgeous! any modelling pics..?
  12. Wow those are nice. I am cheap.. I like the ballet flats from Old Navy :smile: