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  1. Yippee...my Monogram Looping GM from Let-Trade cleared US customs and should be arriving at my house in the next day or two (I am guessing) - yippee, just thought I'd share my excitement with everyone!!!! :yes:
  2. How exciting to be in the final stretch!
  3. yaaaaay I'm very happy for you
  4. WOOOO SO exciting!! congrats!
  5. yeah!! Don't be surprised if you get it sooner. I kept checking the website (Hong Kong postal site) to see the status. It said it had cleared customs on Tues and was at my door WEDNESDAY!! Super fast shipping with Let-Trade!! :yes:
  6. Yea..wouldn't that be nice, I wouldn't mind making a trip to the post office after work - I think they still have extended hours, but that may just of been during the holidays...only time will tell! HA!HA! :yes:
  7. ..just checked and they are open to 7pm week nights - now just have to wait and see!!!
  8. I have one coming from them too...guess I better go and check the tracking...maybe mine is through customs too! Isn't it exciting....I've been thinking about it all week!!!
  9. Congrats!....I love watching the tracking!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Good news...let us know when it arrives.. Love to see the pics:flowers:
  12. Congrats! Hoping for fast delivery!

  13. Congrats, I am right there with you!!!! The waiting game continues...:yahoo:
  14. Me too, but USPS isn't as informative as FEDEX or UPS - but that's fine with me!! HA!HA!
  15. Congrats! So exciting waiting for something good in the mail!