Yikes! 06 Rouille City on Diabro but...

  1. does anyone know or have comparison pics of the 06 Rouille and the 07 Paparika?

    I really wana Oranga City but dont know which color is better?...

    anyone seen these IRL and willing to share opinions to help me out?

    TIA! :tup:
  2. Ok, this is plain weird - why is a Rouille '06 City all of a sudden popping up on Diabro? If it weren't for the other "thought I was buying Paprika but it turned out to be Rouille" incidents, I'd just think it was a return ... but now ??? Did Balenciaga have a stash of these that they forgot to distribute, so now they are unloading them?
  3. yea I have no idea... but I saw the pics on the site and its a "Y" at then end so it must be 06 Rouille right?... hmm... maybe diabro just got it in? like 8 months late????...:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  4. Yeah, that is definitely a S/S 2006 bag. I agree with Fiat that this whole paprika/rouille incident would make me wary of which bag I would actually receive if I made an order.
  5. I've only been studying Diabro's stock for less than a year, but it's my view that they often have a mix of older seasons and newer seasons - and they get the more standard colors in the newer seasons, and the offbeat colors in the past season.

    I don't think 06 Rouille sold out at Barneys and Bal-NY (I know Barney's BH had some firsts way longer than they had other colors) and so maybe Balenciaga does send them on to their online vendors.

    I have an 06 Rouille which I totally adore - it's a 1st and I'd love to have a City, but the money isn't in the wallet right now. I also want a Paprika First as a contrast to the Rouille, but I know I love 06 Rouille, so it's tempting.

    To me, the 06 Rouille looks deeper in color (I'm looking at mine right now), and is so hard to describe. Paprika looks equally rich but slightly lighter in tone - Rouille has a lot of reddish brown in it.
  6. i asked the sa at bal singapore and he said it was exactly like last year's rouille (???)... :/ at least this time round the leather will be much better!
  7. Ah...that could explain it. They may have rec'd this lone Rouille '06 from some leftover stock somewhere. In fact, I've been wondering why Balenciaga decided to come out with an almost identical color (Paprika) for the '07 season, if it's true that Rouille '06 didn't sell very well (at least that's been my impression).
  8. Regarding the Rouille City, Diabro does indicate that it's from the Spring/Summer 2006 season -- it's not like they're falsely advertising it, but it does beg the question as to why they still have stock from a year ago.

    Having said that, I'm pretty sure that they'll be carrying more 2007 Paprika (also called Rouille, btw, by Balenciaga from their color swatches, duly renamed by BalNY) items. As it is, they already have some in the First.

    Now, if only they'd lower their prices just a tad on the AW 07 pre-collection items...
  9. yea tell me about it... I wana get the ink from them but its like still above RRP! they definitely should lower their past season colors if not the current... hmmm... in regards to the thing about the leather... maybe I should hold out and get the 07 rouille... coz of the leather...??? :confused1:

  10. Hi, I have always bought my designer bags in stores, but now I'd really like to order one Bottega Veneta from DIABRO. Could anyone tell me if this is a relyable site to order from?:shrugs: