yet another pursket Q for speedy 30

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  1. Hi guys... i know there has been so many pursket threads, but i couldnt find the answer to my Q thru search... so maybe u pursket owners can help me out with this one.
    This wkn my friend and i got bored and made our own pursket for my speedy 30. I didnt really know what goes inside the pursket to make it "stand up", so i stuck some cardboard in. It turned out looking pretty good and i was proud! it lined the size of speedy 30 perfectly and it was indeed organized!
    but when i started using it, i noticed it tended to fall towards the middle instead of standing and sticking to the sides of bag -> therefore the sides of speedy still can collapse when i use it. Do all of u that have purskets have this problem too? How do u guys fix it? and what do u think is the material inside the manufactured purskets that makes it "stand up" and stick to the walls of purse?
    and, anyone else made there own pursket here? :rolleyes:
    PS - sorry for the double post in "handbag" section
  2. I think the inside of the purseket is a thin plastic sheet and when I put mine in it pushed outward, it doesn't collapse inward. So I think the key is you have to find some thin plastic sheet for the inside. I don't know for sure if this is the answer, I'm taking a wild guess. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, it's some kind of plastic inside!
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