Yes Epi pochette or no Epi pochette?

  1. Since winter's coming and I won't be able to use my pochettes any more...and both of my weather proof LV bags are hand-held, I was deciding on buying a black epi pochette to use during the winter. I was just outbid for one at $182 and I don't feel like bidding any more because the seller ships via UPS and I hate UPS...paying $182 for the bag plus $20 shipping PLUS another $50 or so that UPS adds on is no fun at all...

    Soooo I wanted some opinions. Yes pochette or no pochette? It doens't fit much, does it? This is what I fit in my CB pochette, will it fit all of these (or most of these) things?

    If no, any suggestions on which small- to medium-sized water-proof shoulder bag I should buy? Keep in mind I'll most likely buy through eBay. I wanted a Navona...but I already have something in Damier, so I don't exactly want Damier.

  2. i didn't really like the epi's quite flat and i'm quite sure u will fit less with the epi's thinner than the CB pochette (though slightly longer)..i just sold one on MP because of that..i hardly used it! i didn't think the strap was comfortable AT ALL...but JMO
  3. Yeah...I thought that it's probably much smaller than the regular pochettes...just because it lacks the flat part of the inside of the pochette at the bottom so the width must be really small...
  4. I would say no to it. I have a red epi pochette and love it. But I only used it for less than 10 times because the leather is kind of stiff and you can't fit as much in it as the mono one.
  5. I have the yellow epi pochette and yes, it is very small. Mine happens to be out right now. I could comfortably put in my phone, LV change purse and Coach skinny mini in there.
  6. I would say looks super tiny and thin, and not very practical.
  7. I use mine inside a bigger bag and works great, but I used it as my vacation bag this weekend and it WAS small. fit a ludlow, cell phone, & camera and that's about it. I can take pics if you want.
  8. Yes please! :yes: Can you please take a pic of all the stuff that you can fit in there...your ludlow, cell phone, ANY smaller items
  9. i dont think you should get a epi pochette cus i think its too small and not that practical.

    furthermore, you have your DAmier piece. it can be your winter bag. lol
  10. i have the black epi pouchette. i love it for formal events... very flat though... can't get much in..... but love it!!!!

    good luck finding the 'perfect bag'! (haha- i've been searching my whole life!)
  11. Yeah, I have both the vanilla epi and damier for winter, but they're both hand held so I want a shoulder bag.
  12. I say it's too small.
  13. Ok guys, I think I've settled on NO to the Epi Pochette!

    Any suggestions for a nice winter bag...?
  14. I was thinking the daimer papillion 30 it fits over the shoulder provide your coat isn't down filled...
  15. Here you go! My camera is about the size of my ludlow ... this is what I had in there and it was STUFFED!
    poch1.jpg poch2.jpg