Yellow Marc Jacobs bags

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  1. I'm feeling yellow. Anyone with me? Wondering what MJ bags there are in yellow (but NOT that icky acid yellow color). I could swear I saw an attractive mustard yellow quilted Stam at my local Nordies, but I think it's gone. Was I hallucinating? Pics, please!
  2. I'm definately feeling yellow myself. I have been checking out a few yellow bags on eBay right now. I think I'm leaning toward a blue or yellow bag for spring this year.

    I know I saw a Blake, Elise and some kind of hobo in a shade of yellow.
  3. the cammie came in yellow, there's one for a great price on eBay right now. i think the latest season of stams (kid or mina, cant remember) has like a mutard color....really pretty...
  4. Wow, I love how we think alike...I am dying for a great yellow MJ bag. I was seriously looking at that cammie on eBay, I am kicking myself for not pressing BIN.
  5. My Nordstroms had quite a few bags in the Yellow color (sorta like a Mustard Yellow) - they're from the Resort line. They had the Stam, the Mixed Quilt Tote, a Mayfair and I think one or two other styles.
  6. ^^^??? It's pretty, but 800$ rare... not.


    Saw on one of the Entertainment news shows that yellow was in for the spring, ala Sex in the City...

  7. The mustard color Stam is TDF. The Nordie's in Charlotte, NC had one as of 1/5. I had a Perlina mustard colored bag that I wore to death! I love the color and it is surprisingly neutral. I am wanting a mustard bag that is designer now. It is a very in color for spring and going into fall. Good luck finding the one you love!
  8. Forenfinal, I love you! LOL
  9. I have the MbyMJ Ruth and luxy zip clutch, both in mustard.
    M by MJ Luxy Leather Ruth mustard.jpg M by Mj Luxy Leather Zip Clutch mustard.jpg
  10. Oooh yellow sounds like a great idea for a new bag!