Yellow LV OR Brown LV ???

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  1. Ya, it's the one with the cut-out flower's, not the perforated suede one's, which were beautiful,btw. I tried the yellow, orange perforated one's for color. All stunning...almost nicer then the cut-outs, more sophisticated. The cut-out is fun bag. The SA said any stain WILL NOT come out of the suede, point finale. I should just get the brown... no wait also. I will post whatever I get !!! Thanks for feedback fellow PASSIONISTA"S!!!Majority said Brown... I think that I should get that one.
  2. Awesome choice, as per usual ! ;)
  3. Ditto that!
  4. I don't know:sad: , It kills(I am giggling,he). Part of the braided knots digs into the top of your shoulder with LITTLE weight inside the bag. I said to myself half aware because of the shiny surroundings...."Oh s**t this bag hurts!" today...made mental note to ONLY carry credit cards inside. I am not a complainer, my toes will turn BLUE before I get out of my heels. So just don't be surprised. I will post Gaucho PICS ofcourse...just got to find time. Shopping first!:lol:
  5. Brown=classic and timeless Day late and a dollar short too.......(dork)
  6. maybe its too late to vote..!! :blink:

    but the brown is the wiser choice for suede!:nuts:
    yes the yellow is way more fun to have.. but if i get a yellow bag then it'll definitely be in leather!! :amuse:
  7. Brown is much better for the long term. If this was an "inexpensive" bag I'd say yellow. But for the investment--brown.
  8. I like both, but I'd go for the brown only because like the SA said, you can't get anything out of the suede, so if you get the brown dirty, it would be hard to notice.
  9. after reading this, i am definitely canceling that elux order. lol. that sounds painful.
  10. I would get the brown, it's more versitle :smile: Love the yellow too though!
  11. Another vote for brown:biggrin:
  12. The brown is more practical but I love the yellow :biggrin: I am tempted to get one but my luck with suede SUCKS!~