Yellow LV OR Brown LV ???

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  1. I am going back to shop at the BH shops tomorrow. They have this bag for me now in brown (looks beautiful!), or I can wait and will 100% get it in yellow like Giselle's as soon as it arrives. The brown was really nice though, more classic. What do I do? The manager said she would hold it for me until tomorrow, she Never does that apparantly...I have to decide tonight! Help? Yellow or Brown?

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  2. I LOVE anything in yellow, but considering that the bag is made out of suede I would say go with the brown color (it won't show stains as much as yellow will!). JMO. Good luck!!!
  3. Welcome Back Star! We have missed you. i was just wondering if you had gotten back from vacation yet and what wonderful pureses you got! Hope you had a great time.
  4. I like the brown better, but the yellow is very pretty.
  5. I'd go for the yellow, pretty for Spring/Summer, and just a bright, cheery color :biggrin:
  6. I totally agree w/ LV Addict!
  7. I would go for the brown, like you said, it's more classic plus dirt on the darker coloured suede will be less of a concern ! Can't wait to see pictures of whatever you choose ! :amuse:
  8. Thanks!!!!!:P It is so beautiful here in Florida even though it has been raining since I arrived! I LOVE the ocean smell!Palm tree's...I am happy to have left the snow! I am not cold, it's weird.
    The brown I could have will last longer...kind of reminds me of my grandmother's bathing cap she used to wear. That effect would be more app. with the yellow one, right? Every SA loved the brown more...they had the small yellow one there.
  9. yellow looks like it should be a fun bag!
  10. 1000000000000000% BROWN it will be a classic limited piece and you do not or sometimes can't clean suede. BROWN BROWN BROWN!!!
    btw are you getting the one with or without the flower cutouts?
  11. Hi Star!! good to hear from you again!! I vote for the brown one because it's like you said and i agree. The brown is more classic and also is a year around colour! Gorgeous bag!!:love: Good luck for the decision I am sure you will pick the right one that captures you heart the most!:biggrin:
  12. go for yellow! it's easier to see the details on a lighter bag, and this bag is ALL ABOUT the details!
  13. I bought the White gaucho today, it's hot.
    I love the Yellow, but know the brown is the wiser choice, oy.
  14. i want to see pics of the white gaucho!!!!!!!! oh and tell me how much the fendi hobo hurts??? how and why???
  15. Wow! Congrats!! Please post pics for us!!! :love: