Yellow Flower Coin Purse for Denim Carly! **PICS**

  1. Here is the Yellow Flower Coin Purse I got for the Denim Carly.

    What do you think? Any ideas on what to use it for other than my cell?

  2. Very cute!!! I love it! :drool: :drool:
  3. Nice..!
  4. Very the yellow and blue together!!
    How much (what all) can you fit in your Carly - it's the medium size, right??? I am trying to decide between the LARGE Denim that I got today or the Medium. I just got the large back out of the bag and now it is looking HUGE! When I was first trying it on (over and over again) I really liked it, but now I don't know?!?!?!
    I want to be able to fit a LOT in it (or a little) - like all of my usual stuff, plus my big planner (about 6X8 or bigger).
  5. I love yellow against the denim. I have that coin purse and I also have the yellow Smiley charm, both of which I use on my denim Carly. I use mine for keeping "coffee money" handy or cough drops and some tissues or anything else I want to keep on the outside of my bag. Enjoy it!:smile:
  6. Cute! I like the yellow with the denim. Can you use it for those loyalty cards? You know the ones that supermarkets etc. give you or the cards that bath and body send out? (like coupons) Or lip gloss?
  7. In my Carly I have:

    3 Chapsticks
    Eye Drops
    2 pens
    Coin Purse
    Purse Hanger
    Nail File
    Bluetooth Headset
    Little Tiffany snap jewelry bag for Advil, Aleve, and
    Sudafed (I'm a teacher and you never know when
    you'll need something)
    Package of travel tissues

    With all of that stuff, I still have more than half of my bag empty. I think you could fit your 6x8 planner, no problem. It will fit a little water bottle too.
  8. That yellow coin purse is a perfect choice for your Carly!

    I'd consider using the coin purse for:

    Gum, tissues, pocket hand sanitizer, mints (tic tac, anyone?), lip gloss, band aids (with little boys, you always need these handy!), travel size hand lotion, or a roll of life savers.

    Will a pen fit? I'm always digging for a pen!
  9. I think it looks really good. It pops!
  10. That coin purse looks great on your bag. Congrat on your new purchase!!!!!
  11. So cute! They look great together.
  12. Very Cute!
  13. Its really cute! Love the yellow against the denim.
  14. How fun, the color really pops!
  15. love it! brilliant!