Yellow Bearn wallet and Yellow birkin

  1. Is yellow belongs to a special order? because I am very keen to buy a yellow bearn wallet if it is available also the birkin. they told me they never made any wallet in yellow color ! (but I remember i saw one at Hong Kong a while ago).

    Is yellow are very rare color?
  2. I don't see yellow often but I know it exists. I have seen it in a Birkin as well as a Vision agenda. the leather I saw yellow in was Chevre, absolutely gorgeous!
  3. Not true Chloe. I have seen a Yellow Bearn in our store here before.
  4. Chloe - if it was the Sydney store that told you that, I wouldn't believe them. They tell me things I find untrue all the time!

    Sometimes I know more than them!
  5. ^^Word! They sometimes make up crap to fill their own knowledge void, I reckon.
  6. LMAO........scary because it's true!

    God I hope they don't read this!!!!!
  7. Sometimes I wonder do my SAs read the forum ...

    Eh, once again I must reiterate that my name is JANE DOE :yes:
  8. Yes Someone from the sydney store told me that.. i am a bit confused too cos I am sure I saw the yellow at HK!

    and u know what, they told me birkin dont made in BOX LEATHER!! they said NEVER! and my bf was looking at men's croco wallet. they told me they only have matte croco in black color for men.. and later ( she was a japanese) she told me you could order.. and a few sec later she said only have black available.. i am just totally confuse!!
  9. And I am SUE DOE.. hey.. psuedo.. LOL!
  10. It's a bit hard to get a straight story sometimes.. and if you ask diff ppl, they will all have something else to say about the same thing, lol. That's why tPF is such a fabulous resource.:yahoo:
  11. Yes you are right, the next day we went to the same store but served by another japanese lady. She told us actually the store is expecting 3 different color on croco men's wallet in the next shipment and she will call us when it arrive.. ( completely different story)
  12. ahhh - she is LOVELY!! She always tells me what secret Birkins they have (when the other SA isn't listening!).......don't believe them, you CAN get a yellow Bearn, I've seen one on eBay.
  13. *tsk* *tsk* *tsk* What are you 3 up to now? :P

    I doubt the SAs or even the managers have a passion for their product. I find it frustrating that they don't bother to get more informed about what they're selling. I mean, hello, the person trying to sell me x-brand nappies are more passionate about their stuff as compared to these Hermes SAs!
  14. ^ tell me about it.......
  15. What's the story about your Kelly? Did Greg present it at the July podium?