yellow and orange tweed city

  1. I can't say that I'm a big fan of the tweed. Though I can definitely see the novelty of having a rare B-bag like that. What year did it come out in? I guess I'm a simple gal, I prefer goathide. :nuts:
  2. I've seen the orange one before.
    I think they are DARLING!!
  3. They came out ages ago, before that second release of metallics (pewter, etc). The pain in the butt part is, the interior of the bag is this beige colored suede. Imagine how dirty it would get!
  4. Yes.. I remember seeing a blue tweed voyage on ebay. Can't say they're my favorite.
  5. OUCH! The interior is beige suede? uhhh that would be a pain to take care of. Unless you use a purseket or something :smile: BTW I was just browsing baghunter's blog when I saw the orange tweed and I was just about to get here to post it!! I've never seen one in my life! mletpac, the yellow is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  6. Im not liking these too much. Sorry, Im just too stuck on the leather Bbags.
  7. I'm actually liking the orange tweed City!
  8. Awesome! I've never seen one of these IRL, maybe they came out before I became interested in B-bags... What year were they from again?