YEEEEEE My Tasty HG... EB City GSH!

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  1. Dear god. My, my, my. I am in BAG HEAVEN. I never ever thought I'd find her but thanks to valerieb my dream came true! She found an Electric Blue City with GSH at her store in CA! Due to problems with DHL I had to walk to the warehouse to get her this morning but once I opened the box it all became worth it. She's perfect, SO PERFECT! The color is so even and RICH!! She's so perfect it makes me want to cry! ;_; More pictures later but here she is with about 8lbs of weighs in her, stretching that leather out!!! :yahoo:This bag is pure sex. WHEE!

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  2. Delish! Love it. Such a juicy colour :yes:
  3. HOLY CRAP!!! That is one gorgy bag :love:

    (I hope it takes your mind off of your ebay nightmare :yes:)

  4. [​IMG]

    WOAH BABY!!!!! That bag is HOT! :drool: :drool: :drool: Congrats!!
  5. It totally did. It was a breath of fresh air. This whole week I've been wound up soo tight and I saw this baby and I just melted. It just sucked all the negative energy from me lol.
  6. Love your new bag - I think the eb w/gsh is such a beautiful combination!
  7. Ooooooo my mouth is watering for that delicious EB!
    So pretty with SILVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WONDERFUL!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  8. ohh congrats! i'm glad you found that EB you were searching for she's gorgeous!
  9. It's amazing!!! What a gorgeous hue!

  10. Fab !!!
  11. WAAAAAYYYYYY BEYOND GORGEOUS!!!!! what a breath of fresh air! The color is perfect!!!!!
  12. Wow, your bag is just GORGEOUS:drool:!! Congrats!
  13. What an incredibly gorgeous blue! Congrats on your find!
  14. CONGRATS!!! I love EB & SGH combo, cannot wait to see more pics. Your City is GORGOEUS!!!
  15. That is such a gorgeous blue!!!! What a lucky girl!!!